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The PowerPoint Interface

In this module, we use 4 video lessons to overview PowerPoint's Tools such as the interface ribbon and slide master. We also navigate the viewing modes, look over key shortcuts, and explain the QAT. 

Objects & Lines

In this module, we use 13 video lessons to discuss basic and advanced formatting tools in PowerPoint. We will go over how finance professionals use PPT to quickly and accurately align objects, connect objects with lines, group shapes together by using the ruler and grid view. 

PowerPoint Tables

In this module, we use 5 video lessons to cover tables in PPT. Just like in Excel, we must be able to modify rows and columns and format text, but also incorporate shadows and reflection

Graphics & Diagrams

In this module, we use 3 video lessons to identify common diagrams used in consulting and banking and how to build them. We also discuss how to avoid URL connections to pictures and provide a basic formatting guide.


In this module, we use 4 video lessons to overview your options when graphing and using charts in PowerPoint, including plugging in from CapIQ and FactSet.

Navigating the Slidemaster

In this module, we use 2 video lessons to walk through the PowerPoint interface. The module also includes an exercise in setting up hotkeys and a WSO cheat sheet. We will also explore the Slide Master and how to use it to customize and adapt presentations quickly. 

Tips & Tricks

In this module, we use 3 video lessons to discuss tips and tricks that will make your life easier. Techniques you can use include version control, placeholders, dummy charts, tracking comments, and how to maximize the value of headers. 


In this module, we use 1 video lesson to introduce typical presentation layouts for IB / Consulting / and C-Suite Corporate. We will also look over a WSO PPT Template guide. 

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Course Summary - Table of Contents

Below you will find a list of the modules and lessons included in this course.

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