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The Big Picture (13 video lessons, 2 examples)

In this module, we use 13 video lessons to go through the theory and logic behind Valuation. This knowledge is then put into practice with a true case and robust valuation analysis of Nike, Inc. 

Enterprise Value & Equity Value Practice (10 video lessons, 2 examples)

In this module, we use 10 video lessons to explore enterprise value and equity value, a bit more in-depth by applying the knowledge we gained so far across a number of practice exercises.

Trading Comps Intro (20 video lessons, 4 examples)

In this module, we use 20 video lessons where we will perform a much deeper dive into trading comps. We give a review of key concepts, an in-depth focus on enterprise value and equity value multiples, and apply it through a couple of practice examples, with company filings and data. 

Trading Comps Set-Up (22 video lessons)

In this module, we use 22 video lessons to do a much deeper dive into how to set up trading comps.  First, we cover a step by step process for building comps, then we give you a walk-through of an excel-based trading comps template, and finally set the foundation for our case study with a real company

Spreading Real Firms (5 modules, 40 video lessons)

In these 5 modules, we use 40 video lessons to provide a step-by-step guide to building out trading comps across 4 real companies.  We input assumptions and make adjustments for each comp and then roll up this analysis into a summary tab.

Benchmarking and Outputs (2 video lessons)

In this module, we summarize and benchmark the outputs from our trading comps. This is a summary of all the comps we've spread to give you a deeper understanding of how to interpret the final results as a true professional would.

Precedent Transactions Introduction (8 video lessons)

In this module, we use 8 video lessons to introduce you to the theory behind precedent transactions.   We also give you 2 examples of how to execute this challenging analysis with ease. 

Precedent Transactions Setup (12 video lessons)

In this module, we use 12 video lessons to show you how to setup a precedent transaction analysis using a step-by-step process. Selecting a peer group, locating relevant financial info, spreading key financial metrics, benchmarking a peer group and more. 

Real Transactions (6 modules, 43 video lessons)

In these 6 modules, we use 43 video lessons to spread the transaction comps for 6 real-world acquisitions. We review acquisition considerations for all of them and show you how to execute a precedent transaction analysis like you would on the job. 

Transaction Outputs & Wrap-Up (3 video lessons)

In this final module, we summarize and benchmark the outputs from our transaction comps. This is a summary of the full analysis from the work done in previous modules and helps you interpret the results as a true professional would.

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