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We're very pleased to announce that WSO super-user CompBanker will be in attendance at the conference. CompBanker is an expert on MM Private Equity and Investment Banking, and one of the most helpful members in the WSO community.

CompBanker wrote:
Very excited for the conference. I've met a number of the users from the forums and there are definitely some great people here. Anyone who doesn't have a ticket yet should get one NOW!

Read more about CompBanker:

He will be joined at the conference with Josh Rosenbaum: Managing Director at UBS, Eugene Rubio (Monty09): founder of RTC Group, a recruiting & events firm, and ANT: an expert on MSF programs, founder of the site msfhq.com, and an ever-present member of the WSO community.

More BIG announcements to come soon - if you haven't signed up yet, get in now as space is limited and discounted tickets are going to sell out soon.

1. As was announced before, Josh Rosenbaum, co-author of one of the most widely read and respected books on Valuation -- Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers and Acquisitions will be attending the WSO Conference as a speaker and sitting on several panels.

2. Eugene Rubio, (better known as WSO super-user Monty09) will be speaking at the WSO conference. He is the founder of the Energy Rodeo (a finance conference in Houston), former Power Trader and now founder of RTC Energy, a recruiting & events firm. See his bio here.

Tentative Agenda - Panel Discussions:

  1. BB vs MM vs Boutique Investment Banks”
  2. “Best Practices in Career Advancement”
  3. “Exit Opps and Why You Shouldn't care”
  4. “Advanced Degree/Certification”
  5. “Wall Street Today, Wall Street Tomorrow”

Eventbrite - Wall Street Oasis Conference - 2012
Other Conference news/reminders:

Need a reasonably priced hotel room for the WSO Conference? We've got you covered. Hotel Pennsylvania is offering a special discount for WSO conference-goers.

Call 800-223-8585 and mention the group "Wall Street Oasis Conference" and you'll get the following rates for Friday & Saturday:
* $149/night for a king bed ($348.94 total w/ taxes) and
* $169 ($394.96 total w/ taxes) for 2 double beds.

Thanks guys!
Patrick & Andy


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