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For each BB bank in particular, which color tie would you choose for the summer analyst investment banking interview?

Interview Coming Up? Be Prepared.

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  • monkeypoker's picture

    Think logically here... can't go wrong with a dark suit a white or light blue shirt and a tie that matches and is not overly flamboyant.

    Other than that, it's more about looking put-together, and interviewing confidently.


  • Ballyho128's picture

    I would definitely say the most important part of the tie is that you actually know how to tie it properly. Actually, scratch that, that you know how to tie it and you give yourself plenty of time to perfect the length and knot a couple times when you're suiting up prior to the interview. Nothing worse than being rushed just before game time.

  • OpsDude's picture

    I kinda think honestly wearing crazy ties like that might help you. Sure you'll piss a few people off, but on the other hand some banker will find it admirable that you have a sense of humor...maybe

  • squirtle's picture

    I think wearing the tie Endgame posted would be hilarious. It's discreet enough to where the more conservative guys probably won't notice it, but you could probably get the more laid back ones to notice it.

    Edit: Did not see the $415 ($425 Buy it now) price on the tie. All I saw was the $7.50 shipping, so I thought, "Hey, it's a cheap tie. I might get one."