I got placed on hold about a couple of days ago. I was wondering if it were appropriate to call up the HR guy and ask him where I am at, ie, Tier2, Tier3 or how many they were looking to take this year. Would it be too intrusive or frowned upon? Thanks!

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Not trying to be downer, but don't hold your breath. For you to come out of the wait-list, some other kid has to reject a Goldman offer. And in this job-market, that is not likely to happen.

Do you have any other offers from BBs(MS/JPM)? If so, you should tell them that you do. This should improve your chances, since this demonstrates: 1) You are a wanted commodity; 2) Goldman is your first choice.

If not, calling up HR does you no favors. And since it does not improve your chances, you should not do it.

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Leonidas, would you know how many people are usually ahead of you if you are put on the so called hold list? thanks!


Goldman is notorious for not getting back even when they promise to. You really can't do anything other than wait and apply elsewhere. They will only get back if someone rejects and you're next in line.

Get ready for the 'silent treatment' from these overloads


Do not contact them, there's nothing you can do.

An exception: If you have offers from relative peers and Goldman is your first choice, let them know that if you are given an offer you will accept.

There's no way to know where you are on the hold list, and it won't help you.

If you don't have other offers, start applying to other places if you can. If the above applies, let Goldman know. If they haven't gotten back to you and you have to make a decision, take your other offer. I have to believe that very very few people will turn down a GS offer ITE.

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In all seriousness, all you can do is wait. Call them at the end of next week to find out where you are, and if you have an offer from another firm that's roughly on par, take it.

Goldman is not quite the same firm it was in 2007. Back in the '60s, Kuhn Loeb owned the bond markets. Today, nobody has heard of Kuhn Loeb.


A guy I know interviewed with them this year and was also put on the waiting list, and said they tend to put a lot of people on the waiting list. Don't call. Even if they gave you an exact position in the list and told you exactly how many other offers are outstanding and how many days each has left to respond, and then provided you with the other offers that each candidate had and was considering against their GS offer, so that you could build a model to assign a probability based on perceived prestige of each firm and the likelihood that someone will accept/reject GS. Even if you had ALL of that information, it doesn't change your situation one bit. You still just have to wait and see.
The only thing that changes your situation is if you have an offer from a bank of comparable standing, and then you call GS and let them know of your other offer.

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