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There is a list currently out there on this site that has a list of Boston HFs. Would anybody be willing to post a list of hedge funds in NYC?


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Comments (17)

  • ultrasurf's picture

    Sure, if you would like. Thank you.

  • Nouveau Richie's picture

    I'll post the list if this comment gets 5 Silver Bananas.

  • bfin's picture

    You can't seriously be this incompetent to not search this on your own..... google "hedge funds in nyc and stamford ct"

    i know NR has capIQ so he is going to cheat and use that but if he didn't i bet he would probably use google.

    The answer to your question is 1) network 2) get involved 3) beef up your resume 4) repeat -happypantsmcgee

    WSO is not your personal search function.

  • In reply to bfin
    Nouveau Richie's picture

    I'd probably use Bloomberg actually.

    Also, if this comment gets 2 SBs before my above comment gets its fifth, then I'll post the list...


  • Nouveau Richie's picture

    Fuuuuucck! I quoted the SB price for this list WAY too low. Have fun with this:
    1,089 goddamn results...

    Screening Criteria
    1 Industry Classifications: Diversified Financials (Primary)
    2 Geographic Locations: New York City Area
    3 Company Status: Operating OR Operating Subsidiary OR Operating and Operating Subs
    4 Business Description: Keyword: hedge fund

    3-Sigma Value L.P.

    360 Global Capital

    A.B. Edelman Management Company, Inc.

    A.W. Jones & Co.

    Abernathy Group

    Aberon Capital Management

    Abundance Partners

    Acai Solutions, LLC

    Access International Advisors LLC

    Accipiter Capital Management, LLC

    Acero Capital Management, LLC

    ACM Funds Management

    Acorn Advisory Capital, L.P.

    Acqua Wellington Asset Management LLC

    Adair Capital, LLC

    ADAR Investment Management, LLC

    Advantage Advisers Management LLC

    Advent Capital Management, LLC

    Aegis Capital Corp., Asset Management Arm

    Aetos Capital Multi Strategy Arbitrage Fund LLC

    Affirmed Capital, LLC

    Agamas Capital Management, LP

    Ahab Capital Management, Inc.

    Ahsat LLC

    AIG Global Investment Corp. (United States)

    Aiken Capital Partners, Lp

    Aiken Quercus Capital LLC

    Akana Capital Management, LP

    Akarui Capital Partners

    Akita Capital Management

    Albert Asset Management

    Albert Fried & Company, LLC

    Alden Global Capital

    Alerce Advisors

    Alexandra Investment Management, LLC

    Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Endowment Fund

    Alkeon Capital Management, LLC

    AllianceBernstein Holding L.P. (NYSE:AB)

    Alpha Investment Management, Inc.

    AlphaWorks LLC

    Alson Capital Partners, LLC

    Altai Capital Management, LLC

    Altima Partners LLP

    Altura Capital Group, LLC

    AM Investment Partners LLC

    Amber Capital LP

    Amerindo Investment Advisors, Inc.

    AMH Equity, Ltd.

    Amida Partners, LP

    Ampere Capital Management, LP

    Anchorage Advisors, L.L.C.

    Andor Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Endowment Arm

    Andromeda Capital

    Angelo, Gordon & Co.

    Annalex Capital Management

    Apelles Investment Management, LP

    Apex Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited

    Apollo Management, L.P.

    APS Asset Management Pte. Ltd.

    Aquamarine Capital Management, LLC

    Archer Martin Ventures

    Archon Partners LLC

    Archview Investment Group

    Arden Asset Management

    Ardsley Partners

    Argonaut Capital Management Corporation

    Arience Capital Management, L.P.

    Aris Capital Management, LLC

    Aristeia Capital, LLC

    Aristos Capital Management, LLC

    Armet Capital, LLC

    Armor Capital Management, LLC

    Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Holdings, Inc.

    Aroya Capital LLC

    Array Capital Management LLC

    Arrow Capital Management, LLC

    Arrowgrass Capital Partners LLP

    ARX Investment Management LP

    Asharoken Capital Management LLC

    Asian Century Quest Capital LLC

    Aslan Capital Management, LP

    Aspect Capital Limited

    Asset Alliance Corporation

    Asset Management Services LLC

    Athena Capital Corporation

    Atkinson Capital, LLC

    Atlantic Investment Management, Inc.

    Atlantic-Pacific Capital, Inc.

    Atlantis Capital Markets

    Attara Capital LP

    Atwater Capital

    Auda Hedge LLC

    Aurarian Capital Management, LLC

    Avenue Capital Group

    Avery Advisors

    Avesta Capital Advisors LLC

    Avian Securities, LLC

    Axial Capital, LP

    Axicon Partners, LLC

    Axiom Capital Management Inc., Asset Management Arm

    Azimuth Trust Company, LLC

    B Capital Advisors, L.P.

    Babson Capital Management LLC

    Baker Street Capital Management

    Balestra Capital, Ltd.

    Balyasny Asset Management L.P.

    BAM Capital, LLC

    Bandera Partners, L.L.C.

    Barington Capital Group LP

    Basswood Partners, L.L.C.

    Bay Harbour Management L.C.

    Baytree Capital Associates, LLC

    Bear Stearns Asset Management Inc.

    Bear Stearns Hedge Funds

    Bellport Capital Partners, LP

    Bennett Asset Group

    Bentley Capital Management Inc

    Berman Capital Management LP

    Bernstein Global Wealth Management

    Bessemer Investment Management LLC

    Bessemer Trust Company, N.A.

    Bessent Capital, LLC

    BGC Partners, Inc. (NasdaqGS:BGCP)

    BKF Asset Management, Inc.

    BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.

    BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE:BLK)

    Blackstone Alternative Asset Management

    Bloomberg Tradebook, LLC

    Blue Ridge Capital LLC

    Blue Square Capital Management

    BlueBay Asset Management plc

    BlueMountain Capital Management LLC

    BNP Paribas Asset Management Inc.

    BNY ConvergEx Execution Solutions, LLC

    BNY ConvergEx Group, LLC

    BNY Mellon Wealth Management

    BofA Merrill Lynch, Research Division

    Bookbinder Capital Management LLC

    Boone Capital Management

    Boston Provident, L.P.

    Bostwick Capital LLC

    Boyar's Intrinsic Value Research LLC

    Brahma Management Ltd

    Brahman Capital Corp.

    Brave Warrior Capital, Inc.

    Brencourt Advisors, LLC

    Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP

    Bricoleur Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Bridger Management, LLC

    Brigade Capital Management, LLC

    Brookdale Group

    Brookside Capital Management, LLC

    Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., Asset Management Arm

    Bryant Park Capital, Inc.

    BSL Capital, Inc.

    BTG Pactual, Asset Management Arm


    Buckingham Capital Management Inc.

    Buckingham Research Group, Inc.

    Bull Path Capital Management, LLC

    Bulldog Investors

    Butler Capital Investments, LLC

    BV Group Ventures, LLC

    C.E. Unterberg Towbin Advisors, LLC

    C12 Capital Management LP

    Cadence Investment Management, LLC

    Cadmus Capital Management, LLC

    Cadogan Management, L.L.C.

    Cadogan Opportunistic Alternatives Fund, LLC

    Caledonian Fund Services (USA) LLC

    Calypso Capital Management, LP

    Cambridge Capital Management, LLC

    Cantillon Capital Management LLC

    Cantor Weiss & Wurm Asset Management Co., Inc

    Canyon Capital Advisors, LLC

    Capital Fund Management S.A.

    Capital Standard LLC

    Capital Z Investment Partners

    CARAT Capital L.L.C.

    CastleRock Management, LLC

    Castlestone Management Inc.

    Castling Capital Management, LLC

    Catalpa Capital LLC

    Catalyst Investment Management Co., L.L.C.

    Caxton Associates LP

    CBI Capital, LLC

    CBM Capital, Inc.

    CDC Investment Management Corporation

    Cedar Hill Capital Partners, LLC

    Cedar Lane Asset Management LLC

    Cedarview Capital Management, L.P.

    Centenium Capital Partners, L.L.C.

    Central Park Group, LLC

    Centrecourt Asset Management LLC

    Centurion Global Management, LLC

    Centurion Investment Group, L.P.

    CF Advisors

    CFG Capital

    Chalfont Hill Capital LLC

    Chalkstream Capital Group L.P.

    Chapman, Downing, Keesee & Co., LLC

    Charter Advisers

    Chelsey Capital

    Chilton Investment Company, LLC

    Christofferson, Robb & Company, LLC

    Christopher Street Capital

    Cibelli Capital Management, LLC

    Circle Peak Capital, L.L.C.

    Circle T Explorer Asset Management LLC

    Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C.

    Citi Markets & Banking

    Citigroup Alternative Investments LLC, Hedge Fund Business

    City on a Hill Capital LP

    CJS Capital

    Claren Road Asset Management, LLC

    Clarium Capital Management LLC

    Clarus Capital Management, LLC

    Clinton Group, Inc

    Clovis Capital Management, LP

    Coatue Capital, L.L.C.

    Cobalt Capital Management, Inc.

    Colden Capital Management, LLC

    Coliseum Capital Management, LLC

    Colonial Fund

    Compass Administrators LLC

    Compass Group LLC

    Concept Capital, LLC

    Concordia Advisors L.L.C.

    Consonance Capital

    Constellation Capital Management LLC


    Copper Beech Capital Management Inc.

    Cornwall Capital, Inc.

    Corsair Capital Management, LLC

    Corvex Management LP

    Cotton Hall Asset Management, LP

    Couchman Capital LLC

    Craig Drill Capital

    Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn, LLC

    Credit Agricole Structured Asset Management Advisers LLC

    Credit Suisse (USA), Inc.

    Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Long/short Equity Master Fund, LLC

    Credit Suisse Asset Management Limited

    Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC

    Credit Value Partners

    Creedon, Keller & Partners, Inc.

    Crispin Capital Management, LLC

    Cross Park Family Office

    Crossroads Investments

    Crow Point Partners, LLC

    CSM Capital Corporation

    Cue Capital

    Cumberland Associates LLC

    CWH Associates, Inc.

    Cynthion Partners, LLC

    Cyrus Capital Partners, L.P.

    D Cubed Group, LLC

    D. E. Shaw Investment Management, L.L.C.

    D.B. Zwirn & Co., L.P.

    d2 Capital, LLC

    Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Co., LLC

    Dardashti Capital Management

    Darmel Management LLC

    Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC

    Davis Securities, LLC

    Dawson Capital Management, Inc.

    DB Absolute Return Strategies

    Decade Capital Management LLC

    Deerfield Capital Management, LLC

    Deerfield Capital, L.P.

    Deerfield Management Company L.P.

    Defiance Capital, L.L.C.

    Deister Capital Management, LLC

    Del Mar Asset Management, LP

    Delaware Street Capital, L.L.C.

    DellaCamera Capital Management, LLC

    Deltec Asset Management, LLC

    Dentonia Park Capital Management LLC

    Deutsche Asset Management Inc.

    Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management USA

    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, Asset Management Arm

    Dialectic Capital Management

    Dialogue Capital Management

    Diamond Notch Asset Management, LLC

    Diamond Oak Capital Advisors, LLC

    Diamondback Capital Management, LLC

    Dickstein Partners Inc.

    Digital Century Capital, LLC

    Diker Management, LLC

    DiMaio Ahmad Capital, LLC

    Dimension Capital Partners, LLC

    Dionis Capital LLC

    DKCM Inc.

    Dolomite Capital Management, L.P.

    Dolphin Asset Management Corp.

    Dome Securities Corp.

    Doral Leveraged Asset Management

    Double Alpha Group, LLC

    Double V Management, L.P.

    Dow Jones Hedge Fund Indexes, Inc.

    Drake Capital Management, LLC

    Drawbridge Global Macro Advisors LLC

    Drummer Capital Management

    DS Partners

    Duart Capital

    Duma Capital Partners, L.P.

    Dune Capital Management LP

    DW Investment Management LP

    Dynamic Capital Management LLC

    EAC Management LP

    EagleRock Capital Management, LLC

    Eastern Advisors LLC

    Echo Street Capital Management LLC

    Ecofin Holdings Limited

    EIM SA

    Elco Management

    Elementum Management Company

    Elliott Capital Advisors

    Elliott Management Corporation

    Ellis Lake Capital, LLC

    Emancipation Capital LLC

    Emergent Capital

    Emerging Value Capital Management

    Emerson Capital, LP

    EMF Financial Products, LLC

    Eminence Capital, LLC

    Empery Asset Management, LP

    Endicott Management Co.

    Enso Capital Management LLC

    Entrepreneur Growth Capital LLC

    Envestnet Asset Management, Inc.

    Epsilon Investment Management

    EQ Capital

    Equinox Management Partners

    Equinox Partners, L.P.

    Erawan Capital, LLC

    Ericott Group

    Ermitage Selz Fund Limited

    Essex Equity Capital Management

    ETG Capital

    Eton Park Capital Management, L.P.

    EVA Advisers LLC

    Evergreen Investment Management Company, LLC

    Evolvence Capital

    Exis Capital Management, Inc.

    Explorer Fund Management

    Fagenson & Co., Inc.

    Fairfield Greenwich Group

    Farallon Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Fauchier Partners LLP

    FBN Securities, Inc.

    Feirstein Capital Management Inc.

    Ferro Capital LLC

    Festina Lente Investment Management, LP

    FGS Advisors

    Fiduciary Trust Company International

    Fife Waterfield & Co.

    Fine Capital Partners, L.P.

    Fintech Advisory

    Fir Tree Partners L.P.

    First Eagle Investment Management, LLC

    First Eagle Pacific Fund Ltd.

    First Source Management Corporation

    FLA Advisors

    Fletcher Asset Management Inc.

    Focus Investment Management Ltd.

    Fore Advisors, LP

    Fore Research & Management, LP

    Formula Growth Limited

    Fortress Investment Group LLC (NYSE:FIG)

    Fortune Asset Management Limited

    Forum Asset Management, LLC

    Four Points Partners

    Franklin Templeton Institutional, LLC

    Fridson Investment Advisors, LLC

    FrontFour Capital Group LLC

    FrontPoint Partners LLC

    FSI Group, LLC

    Fundamental Capital Markets

    Further Lane Asset Management, LLC

    FX Concepts, LLC

    Gabriel Capital Group

    Galloway Capital Management, LLC

    Galtere, Ltd.

    GAM USA Inc.

    Gar Wood Securities, LLC

    Garrison Investment Group, L.P.

    Gates Capital Management, Inc.

    GEM Capital Management, Inc.

    George Weiss Associates Inc.

    GeoSphere Capital Management, LLC

    GFI Group Inc. (NYSE:GFIG)

    Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co. LLC

    GIR Fund Management

    Glazer Capital, LLC

    Glenhill Capital Management LLC

    Glenrock Asset Management Associates, L.P.

    Glenrock Capital Management, LLC

    Glenview Capital Management, LLC

    GLG MMI Diversified Fund

    GLG Partners, Inc.

    Global Fund Analysis Ltd.

    GLS Capital Partners

    GMM Capital LLC

    Golden Arc Capital, Inc.

    Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.

    Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P.

    Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Strategies LLC

    Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management

    Gotham Asset Management

    Gotham Investment Management Group

    Gotham Partners Management Co., LLC

    Graham Investment Advisors, Inc.

    Granite Associates, L.P.

    Granite Capital International Group

    Great Oaks Capital Management, LLC

    GreenLight Capital, Inc.

    Greenmint, L.L.C.

    GreenTech Research, LLC

    Greenway Partners LP

    Grover Capital Advisors, LLC

    Gruss Asset Management, L.P.

    GSO Capital Partners LP

    Guard Hill Advisors

    Haidar Capital Management LLC

    Halbis Capital Management (USA) Inc.

    Halcyon Asset Management LLC

    Halcyon Structured Asset Management LP

    Hale Fund Management, LLC

    Halogen Asset Management, LLC

    Hamilton Investment Management, LLC

    Harbinger Capital Partners LLC

    Harman Stoller Capital Partners, LP

    Harvest Management, L.L.C.

    Harvey Partners, LLC

    Havens Advisors LLC

    Hawkshaw Capital Management, LLC

    Hayfield Capital LLC

    Hayground Cove Asset Management LLC

    HBK Investments L.P.

    HealthCor Management, L.P.

    Hedge Fund Capital Partners, LLC

    Helios Partners Fund Management, LLC

    Henley & Company, LLC

    Hennessee Group LLC

    HG Vora Capital

    Highbridge Capital Management, LLC

    Highland Capital Management, L.P.

    Highline Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Highmount Capital LLC

    Highside Capital Management, L.P.

    Himelsein Mandel Fund Management, LLC

    Hite Capital Management, LLC

    Hoplite Capital Management, LLC

    Hound Partners, LLC

    Hudson Advisor Services, Inc

    Hudson Bay Capital Management LP

    Hudson Securities, Inc.

    Hunter Global Investors L.P.

    Huxley Capital Management LLP

    Hylas Capital Management, LLC

    Ibis Investments

    Ibis Management, LLC

    Icahn Associates Corp.

    Icon Group, LLC (The)

    IDEAglobal, Ltd.

    Impala Asset Management, LLC

    Imperator Capital, LP

    Indus Capital Partners, LLC

    Infinity Point

    ING Alternative Asset Management

    ING Investment Management Americas

    Ingleside Investors, LLC

    Instinet Group Incorporated

    Institutional Credit Partners LP

    Integre Advisors, LLC

    Integrity Research Associates, LLC

    International Asset Management Limited

    International Investment Group LLC

    Intrepid Capital Management, Inc.

    Inverness Counsel Inc.

    Investcorp Asset Management

    Investcorp Bank B.S.C. (BAX:INVCORP)

    Investec Ernst & Company

    Iron Horse Capital Management L.P.

    Iroquois Capital, LP

    Irvine Capital Management, LLC

    Ivory Investment Management, L.P.

    Izara Capital Management, LLC

    J. Goldman & Co., LP

    J.H. Whitney Investment Management, LLC

    J.L. Berkowitz & Co., L.L.C.

    J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp.

    James Caird Asset Management LLP

    JANA Partners LLC

    Jane Street Capital, LLC

    JBT Capital Inc.

    JCK Partners, L.P.

    JDA Capital Management

    Jefferies & Company, Inc., Research Division

    Jefferies Asset Management, LLC

    Jefferies Group Inc. (NYSE:JEF)

    Jet Capital Investors LP

    Jewel Asset Management LLC

    JL Advisors, LLC

    JM Cohen & Company

    JNK Securities Corp.

    Joho Capital, LLC

    Jove Partners LP

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM)

    JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services

    Kai Capital Management, LP

    Karamaan Group, LLC

    Karsch Capital Management, LP

    Katahdin Capital, LLC

    Kaufman Family LLC

    Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.

    KBC Alternative Investment Management Ltd.

    Keefe Managers, LLC

    Kellner DiLeo and Company

    Kenmare Capital Partners, L.L.C.

    Kettle Hill Capital Management, LLC

    Kevin Dann & Partners LLC

    Khaner Capital Management

    Khronos LLC

    Kilkenny Capital Management, L.L.C.

    King Street Capital Management, L.P.

    Kingdon Capital Management, LLC

    Kingsbrook Partners

    Kingsend Capital Partners, Ltd.

    Kingsley Capital Management

    KMF Advisers, LLC

    Knight Vinke Asset Management LLC

    Knightsbridge Capital Management, LLC

    Knightspoint Partners LLC

    KOM Capital Management, LLC

    Kramer Capital Management, Inc.

    Krusen Capital Management, LLC

    KS Management Corp.

    KTA Research, LLC

    Kynikos Associates Ltd.

    LaCrosse Global Fund Services, LLC

    Laddcap Value Advisors LLC

    Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management Inc.

    Lafer Management Corporation

    LaGrange Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Lampe, Conway & Co. LLC

    Landmark Advisors, LLC

    Landmark Management

    LAR Management

    Laterman & Co.

    Latigo Partners LP

    Laurel Ridge Asset Management LP

    Laurion Capital Management LP

    Laurus Funds Inc.

    Lazard Asset Management LLC

    LBA Dothan Asset Management

    LCMCommodities, LLC

    Legend Merchant Group, Inc.

    Legg Mason Inc. (NYSE:LM)

    Legg Mason Investment Counsel & Trust Company, National Association

    Lek Securities Corporation

    Level Global Investors, L.P.

    Levitas & Company

    Lewis Asset Management, Corp.

    LGT Capital Partners AG

    LH Financial Services Corporation

    Libra Advisors, LLC

    LightBox Capital Management, LLC

    Lighthouse Investment Partners, LLC

    Lightspeed Financial, LLC

    Lime Brokerage LLC

    Lime Capital Management LLC

    Lincoln Capital

    Linden Advisors LP

    Lion's Path Capital

    LionEye Capital Management LLC

    Lions Gate Capital Management LLC

    Lipper, Inc.

    Lipton Financial Services

    Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.

    Liquidnet Quantitative Trading Services

    Litchfield Investments

    Litespeed Management, LLC

    Locust Wood Capital Advisers, LLC

    Loeb Arbitrage Management, Inc.

    Logos Capital Management, LLC

    Lombard Odier Asset Management

    Long Oar Global Investors, LLC

    Longacre Management, LLC

    Longbow Capital Partners, L.P.

    Louis Capital Markets, LP

    Lucerne Partners

    Luminus Management, LLC

    Luxor Capital Group, LP

    Lydian Asset Management L.P.

    M.D. Sass Investors Services, Inc.

    Macellum Capital Management

    Macquarie Group, Ltd. (ASX:MQG)

    Macro Risk Advisors LLC

    Madison Merchant Partners LLC

    Mahler & Emerson, Inc.

    MAK Capital One L.L.C.

    Mallette Capital Management Inc.

    Manikay Partners

    Marathon Advisors

    Marathon Asset Management, LP

    Marathon Capital Management LLC

    Marathon Partners L.P.

    Marble Arch Partners

    March Partners, LLC

    Marcus Schloss & Co., Inc.

    Mariner Investment Group, Inc.

    Mark Asset Management Corp.

    MarketAxess Holdings Inc. (NasdaqGS:MKTX)

    Marwood Group LLC, Research Division

    Mason Capital Management, LLC

    Mason Hill Advisors LLC

    Matrix Asset Advisors, Inc.

    Maverick Capital, Ltd.

    MB Research Advisors LLC

    MBF Clearing Corp.

    McClendon, Morrison & Partners, Inc.

    McGlynn Management

    MCM Associates

    MDB Capital Group LLC

    Mendon Capital Advisors Corp.

    Meredith Whitney Advisory Group LLC

    Meridian Capital Partners, Inc.

    Merlin BioMed Group

    Merlin Securities, LLC

    Merlin Securities, LLC, Research Division

    Merriman Holdings, Inc. (NasdaqCM:MERR)

    Meru Capital Group LLC

    Metronome Associates

    Metropolitan Capital Advisors, Inc.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art, Endowment

    Mezzacappa Management, LLC

    MF Global Holdings Ltd. (NYSE:MF)

    MHD Management Company

    MHR Fund Management LLC

    MicroCapital LLC

    Midori Management

    Midsummer Capital, LLC

    Miles Howland & Co. LLC

    Millbrook Investment Management Company, LLC

    Millenium International

    Millennium Management, L.L.C.

    Miller & Jacobs Capital, LLC

    Miller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC

    Miller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC, Research Division

    Millgate Capital, Inc.

    Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.

    Mitsui & Co. Alternative Investment Corporation

    MKP Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Moab Capital Partners, LLC

    Monarch Alternative Capital LP

    Moon Capital Management LP

    Moore Capital Management, LP

    Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS)

    Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc.

    Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage

    Morgens, Waterfall, Vintiadis & Company, Inc.

    Morning Street Capital, Inc.

    Mount Kellett Capital Management


    MSD Capital, L.P.

    MTB Capital, LLC

    Multilateral Funding International

    Myca Partners

    National Asset Management, Inc.

    National Grid, Pension Arm

    NB Distressed Debt Investment Fund Limited (LSE:NBDS)

    ND Capital Group, LLC

    Neon Liberty Capital Management, LLC

    Neptune Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Neuberger Berman, LLC

    New Providence Asset Management LLC

    New York Global Securities, Inc.

    New York Life Investment Management LLC

    New York University, Endowment Arm

    Newbrook Capital Advisors LP

    NewOak Capital LLC

    Nicusa Capital Partners, LP

    Nitor Management

    Nonpareil Capital

    North Oak Capital Advisors

    North River Capital LLC

    NorthStar Capital Funds, LLC

    Northwater Capital Management Inc.

    NWI Management, LP

    NYFIX Millennium, L.L.C.

    O.S.S. Capital Management LP

    Obrem Capital Management, LLC

    Octavian Advisors, L.P.

    Odyssey Partners LP

    OFI Tremont Core Strategies Hedge Fund

    OKUMUS Capital, L.L.C.

    Old Lane, LP

    Oliver Press Partners, LLC

    Omega Advisors, Inc.

    One East Capital Advisors, LP

    Onyx Capital Management, LLC

    Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc.

    OppenheimerFunds Distributor, Inc.

    OppenheimerFunds, Inc.

    Oranda Capital Management LLC

    Orange Capital, LLC

    Orchard Capital Advisors LLC

    Ore Hill Partners LLC

    Ortelius Capital Partners, LLC

    Ospraie Management, LLC

    Ounavarra Capital LLC

    Outer Islands Capital, LP

    Outpoint Capital Management

    Owenoke Capital Management, LLC

    Owl Creek Asset Management, L.P.

    P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LP

    P2 Capital Partners, LLC

    Paige Capital Management LLC

    Palestra Capital Management

    Palladian Research LLC

    Palladio Capital Management, LLC

    Panacea Asset Management LLC

    Panagos Katz Situational Investing

    PANTON Capital Group, LLC

    Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management, Inc.

    Para Advisors, LLC

    Paradigm Capital Management, Inc.

    Paragon Capital LP

    Pardus Capital Management L.P.

    Parity Energy, Inc.

    Park Lane Asset Management

    Park Row Capital, LLC

    Partner Fund Management, L.P.

    Partners Group Holding AG (SWX:PGHN)

    Passport Capital, LLC

    Paulson & Co. Inc.

    Peconic Partners, LLC

    Peerstone Research, Inc.

    Peltz Capital Management, LLC

    Pembridge Capital Management LLC

    Pennant Capital Management LLC

    Pequot Capital Management Inc.

    Perceptive Advisors LLC

    Perennial Investors, LLC

    Pergament Advisors, LLC

    Permal Fixed Income Holdings N.V.

    Permal Multi - Manager Funds - Permal Asian Holdings N.V.

    Permal Multi - Manager Funds - Permal Emerging Markets Holdings N.V.

    Permal Multi - Manager Funds - Permal European Holdings N.V.

    Permal Multi - Manager Funds - Permal Investment Holdings N.V.

    Permal Multi - Manager Funds - Permal Japan Holdings N.V.

    Permal Multi - Manager Funds - Permal Long Short Global Equity Holdings N.V.

    Permal Multi - Manager Funds - Permal Macro Holdings Ltd.

    Permal Multi-Manager Funds (Lux) - Advantage Multi-Strategy Fund

    Perry Capital, LLC

    Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P.

    Phoenix Investment Adviser LLC

    Pike Capital Management, LLC

    Pike Place Capital Management, LLC

    Pilot Advisors, LP

    Pine River Capital Management, L.P.

    Pinebank Asset Management, L.P

    PineBridge Global Investments LLC

    PineBridge Investments LLC

    Pinefield Partners

    Pinnacle Capital Management

    Pivot Capital Advisors, LLC

    Platform Asset Management, LLC

    Platinum Management (NY) LLC

    Plural Investments, LLC

    Pluris Valuation Advisors, LLC

    PMC Advisers

    Polygon Investment Partners LLP

    Porter Orlin, LLC

    Potomac Capital Management Inc.

    Praesidium Investment Management Company, LLC

    Prentice Capital Management, LP

    Prime Equity Research

    Priority Capital Management LLC

    Prisma Capital Partners LP

    Probitas Partners

    ProMed Management, Inc.

    Promethean Asset Management LLC

    Prophecy Asset Management Inc.

    Prosium Fund Management, LLC

    Protege Partners, LLC

    Quadrangle Equity Investors LP

    QuantAmerica Inc.

    Quattro Global Capital, LLC

    Quilcap Management, LLC

    QVT Financial LP

    R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management, Inc.

    R3 Capital Management, LLC

    RAB Partners

    Raffles Capital Management

    Raitzin Capital Company

    Ram Capital Resources, LLC

    Ramius, LLC

    Rapid Ratings Pty Ltd.

    Realm Partners LLC

    Recon Capital, LLC

    Red Fire Mountain Management

    Red Oak Capital Partners LLC

    Red Reef Partners, LLC

    Regan Fund Management Ltd.

    Renaissance Technologies Corp.

    Reservoir Capital Group

    Resolution Partners, L.L.C.

    Resurrection Advisors LLC

    Rhombus Capital Management, LP

    Ridgecrest Investment Management, LLC

    RiskMetrics Group, Inc.

    Ritchie Capital Management, LLC

    River Run Management, L.L.C.

    RLR Capital Partners, LP

    RMF Investment Group

    Robeco Investment Management Inc.

    Robeco-Sage Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Rockbay Capital Advisors, Inc.

    Rockbridge Advisors

    Rockefeller Financial

    Rockefeller University Endowment

    Rocwood Capital Management

    Rogge Global Partners PLC

    Rollins Capital Partners, LP

    Rosetta Group Research L.L.C.

    Roubini Global Economics, LLC

    Roushan Khandaker Group, Inc.

    Route One Investment Company, L.P.

    RT Capital Management

    Rudman Capital Management, LLC

    Rx Capital Management LP

    S Squared Technology Partners, L.P.

    S Squared Technology, LLC

    S&P Equity Research

    S. Goldman Advisors LLC, Asset Management Arm

    S.A.C. Capital Management, LLC

    SAB Capital Management, L.P

    Saba Capital Management

    Saddle Rock Investment Management LLC

    Sage Asset Management, LLC

    Sagio Investments SA

    Saks MedScience Capital

    Samlyn Capital, LLC

    Sancus Capital Management LP

    Sandell Asset Management Corp.

    Sandelman Partners, LP

    Sandler O' Neill Asset Management LLC

    Sands Brothers Asset Management, LLC

    Sansar Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Saras Capital Management, LLC

    Saratoga Prime Services

    Satellite Asset Management, L.P.

    Savannah-Baltimore Capital Management, LLC

    Savoy Capital, Inc.

    SC Fundamental LLC

    Scb Inc.

    Schottenfeld Associates, LP

    Schwab Capital

    Scoggin Capital Management L.P.

    Scopia Management Inc

    Scott's Cove Capital Management, LLC

    Scottwood Capital Management Advisors, LP

    Scout Capital Management, L.L.C.

    Seafire Capital Management

    Search Alternative Investments Limited

    Searock Capital Management

    Second Curve Capital, LLC

    SecondMarket, Inc.

    Sectoral Asset Management Inc

    Sedna Capital Management LLC

    Select Equity Group, Inc.

    Seminole Management Company, Inc.

    Seneca Capital Advisors, LLC

    Serendiv Capital Management LLC

    Serrado Capital

    Seven Bridges Capital, LLC

    Seven Locks Capital

    Shannon River Capital Management, LLC

    Shepherd Asset Management

    Sidus Investment Management, LLC

    Sierra Global Management

    Siget, L.L.C.

    Silcap, LLC

    Silver Capital Management, LLC

    Simpson Capital Management

    Sintra Capital

    Sio Capital Management

    Sivik Global Healthcare, LLC

    SLS Capital Management, LLC

    SM Investors, L.P.

    Smooth Engine, Inc.

    Solas Capital Management, LLC

    Solus Alternative Asset Management L.P.

    Somerset Asset Management LLC

    Sonar Capital Management, LLC

    Soros Fund Management LLC

    Sound Point Capital

    Southgate Alternative Investments

    Southpoint Capital Advisors LP

    Spark L.P.

    Specialized Performance Advisory Group

    Spectrum Group Management LLC

    Spin-Off Report

    Spinner Asset Management, LLC

    Spinner Global Technology Fund Ltd

    Spring Mountain Capital, LP

    Springbok Capital Management, LLC

    Springhouse Capital Management, LP

    SS&C Fund Services

    Stadia Capital LLC

    Standard & Poor's Corporation

    Stanfield Capital Partners LLC

    StarGate Capital Group

    Steadfast Capital Management LP

    Steadfast Financial, LLC

    Steel Partner

    Steel Partners LLC

    Steel Pier Capital LLC

    Stelliam Investment Management

    Sterling Stamos Capital Management, L.P.

    Sterling Valuation Group, Inc

    Sterne Agee & Leach Group, Inc.

    Steven Zeimbekakis & Company

    STG Capital Management, LP

    Stillwater Capital Partners, Inc.

    Stone Lion Capital Partners L.P.

    Stone Tower Capital, LLC

    Stonebrook Fund Management LLC

    StoneHedge Partners, Inc.

    StormHarbour Partners LP

    Stratix Asset Management

    Straus Capital Management LLC

    Sunova Capital

    Superfund Capital Management, Inc

    Suttonbrook Capital Management LP

    Symmetry Management

    T2 Partners Management LP

    Taconic Capital Advisors L.P.

    Tala Investments L.P.

    Taliesin Capital Management LLC

    Talpion, LLC

    TCS Capital Management, LLC

    Telsey Advisory Group LLC

    Temujin Fund Management, LLC

    Tenor Capital Management Co., L.P.

    Tenzing Global Investors LLC

    Terrapin Asset Management, LLC

    Thales Fund Management, LLC

    The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (NYSE:BK)

    The Bear Stearns Companies, LLC

    The Benchmark Company, LLC.

    The Blackstone Group (NYSE:BX)

    The Crescent Group

    The Hammerstone Corp.

    The Rohatyn Group, LLC

    The Torrey Funds

    TheMuniCenter LLC

    Thesis Capital Management, LLC

    Third Point LLC

    Thomas H. Lee Capital Management, LLC

    Three Chopt Capital Management LLC

    Thursday Capital, LLC

    Tiber Capital Corporation

    Tiburon Holdings

    Tiger Global Management LLC

    Tiger Legatus Capital Management, LLC

    Tiger Management Corp

    Tiger Technology Management LLC

    Tiger Veda Management LLC

    Tilson Capital Partners LLC

    Titan Capital Group ll

    Tobias Brothers Inc.

    Touchstone Group, LLC

    Touradji Capital Management, L.P.

    Tower Research Capital LLC

    Towneley Capital Management, Inc.

    TPG-Axon Capital Management, L.P.

    Tracer Capital Management L.P.

    Tradition (North America) Inc.

    Trafelet Capital Management, L.P

    Traxis Partners LLC

    Treeline Management LLC

    Trellus Management Company, LLC

    Tremblant Capital Group

    Triathlon Fund Management, LLC

    Tricadia Capital Management, LLC

    TrimTabs Investment Research

    Trinity Funds LLC

    Trinity Management

    Trinsum Group, Incorporated, SmartNext Investment Management Division And QFR Hedge Fund

    Trisun Asset Management, LLC

    True Capital Management, LLC

    Tudor Investment Corporation

    Tupelo Capital Management, L.L.C.

    TWF Management Company, LLC

    Two Sigma Investments, LLC

    Tycho Management Corporation

    Tykhe Capital LLC

    Tyndall Management, LLC

    Tyrian Investments LLC

    U Capital Group LP

    U.S. Trust New York Asset Management Division


    UBS Alternative Investment Group

    UBS Global Asset Management (Americas) Inc.

    UBS Investment Bank

    UBS O'Connor LLC

    UBS Wealth Management USA, Asset Management Arm

    UCM Partners, L.P

    UFG-Croesus Advisors

    Ulysses Management LLC

    Union Bancaire Privee Asset Management LLC

    Unterberg Capital, LLC

    Upland Associates

    Ursus Capital Management LLC

    Valinor Management LLC

    van Biema Value Partners, LLC

    Van Cleef, Jordan and Wood, Inc.

    Van Eck Funds - Van Eck Multi-Manager Alternatives Fund (MutualFund:VMAA.X)

    Van Eck VIP Trust - Van Eck VIP Multi-Manager Alternatives Fund

    Vanadium Capital Management, LLC

    Vardon Capital Management, LLC

    Vega Asset Management (USA) LLC

    Venor Capital Management L.P.

    VerticalCrossings.com Inc.

    vFinance Inc.

    Vicis Capital, LLC

    Vicuna Advisors, LLC

    Viking Asset Management, LLC

    Viking Global Investors L.P.

    Vision Capital Advisors, LLC

    Vision Opportunity China Fund Ltd (AIM:VOC)

    Visium Asset Management, LLC

    VN Capital Management, LLC

    Vyapar Capital Market Partners LLC

    Wall Street Access Corporation

    Wall Street Creative Partners LLC

    Washburne Capital Management LLC

    Washington Asset Management Ltd.

    Watchpoint Asset Management LLC

    Waterford Partners

    Watson Asset Management

    Watts Capital Partners, LLC

    Wavecrest Asset Management


    Weaver Capital Management

    WEC Asset Management, LLC

    Weiss, Peck & Greer Investments

    Welch Capital Partners, LLC

    Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC

    Wesley Capital Management, LLC

    West Broadway Partners

    West Face Capital USA Corp

    West Side Advisors, LLC

    Western Asset Management Company

    Wetherby Asset Management

    White Oak Capital Management, Inc.

    White River Global Fund Management, Inc.

    White Swan

    Wilfrid Aubrey LLC

    William D. Witter, Inc.

    William O'Neil + Co., Incorporated

    Williams, Jones & Associates, LLC

    Williamson Mcaree Investment Partners LLC

    Wilmington Trust Investment Management, LLC

    Wilson Capital Management LLC

    Windsor Investment Management, LLC

    Witmer Asset Management, LLC

    Wolfacre Global Management

    Wolfson Group

    Woodson Capital Management, LLC

    Wooster Capital Management, LP

    WS Capital Management, L.P.

    Wynnefield Capital Inc.

    Wyper Capital Management, L.P.

    Xmark Asset Management, LLC

    Xmark Fund, L.P.

    Xylem Global Partners, LLC

    Y.M.C.A. Retirement Fund

    York Capital Management

    Zander Capital Management, LLC

    Zimmer Lucas Capital, LLC

    Zurich Alternative Asset Management, LLC

    Zurich Capital Markets Inc.

    Zweig-DiMenna Associates, Inc.

  • NYFINANCEDUDE's picture

    The list seems to have some erroneos entries like research provider S&P Equity Research, asset manager AIG Global Investment Corp, as well as Pequot Capital which has closed down

    If you want more information about the hedge fund's on Nouveau Richie's list, most of the big ones are profiled in this investment directory:

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    Has anyone actually purchased access to hedgetracker? Did you find it helpful?

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