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Currently a sophomore and got an interview for operations intern next week. I've mainly prepared for ibd interviews and was wondering what to expect in terms of differences between the type of questions, etc.

It's going to be two back to back interviews (30 mins each). I understand most of it will be behavioral but was wondering about questions such as why I'm interested in ops, etc. I don't know too much about ops, etc. All my answers/stories have been prepared towards an IBD sort of mindset. I don't want to come off as disinterested or not the right fit. How should I answer these?

I'm not interested in doing operations but I applied for the interview experience (it's only my 3rd so far) so I was hoping for some tips or advice on the interview. Thanks.

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King of Opz here. Questions will probably range from what is your favorite kind of pizza to what brand acne solution you use. The closest you get to IBD when in ops is a a whiff of the young first year analysts farts as they walk by your cube..probably after they decided to venture over to the area to check out the new Ops girl who's apparently a drunken 7.

Don't waste your time.

King of Opz

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As a sophomore Ops is a good starting point. Just know, why financial services, career goals, why that bank, typical behaviour stuff and you will be fine.

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