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Hi everyone, I am from a target school applying for many BB S&T SA positions. Since my school is hit hard by huge snow storms, many of my on-campus in person interviews are being replaced by phone interviews.

Are there any significant differences between in person and phone interviews? Should I go about my preparation differently? Do interviewers evaluate candidates differently?

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    have your finance notes and resume in front of you. trust me, it will help. otherwise, dont stress and dont think too much of it.

    man made the money, money never made the man

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    This really helped me during the phone interview. I put on my suit and tie and had my whole wall covered with notes to answers of many of the common technical and behavioral questions along with my resume. When I was asked a question that I wasnt 100% sure about, I would make it sound like im thinking about the answer and in the mean time look through my notes on the wall and just use it as a guide. Reason why its better to have it posted on the wall rather than in a pile on your desk, is because the interview can hear when you shuffling through papers or Ctl Fing the pdf prep guide. Its not always about having the info in front of you, is just knowing that you have access to it that make you sound much more confident.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

    Let us know how they go and if you get asked any interesting questions.

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    I'd recommend having some basic notes on the firm and questions in front of you. I know that I generally speak at a more rapid pace when on the phone so focus on speaking slowly and enunciate your words.

    As for the suit suggestions... I personally do the opposite... Most comfortable when wearing comfortable clothing (less is more in my case) so I'd always chill out in my room... pace around and get in the zone.

    May sound obvious but make sure you either A) have flawless cell reception or use a landline. Doesn't hurt to drop your interviewer an email beforehand saying "XXX-XXX-XXXX is the best number to reach me at" even though you have your cell on your resume.

    Good luck

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    prospie wrote:
    AnthonyD1982 wrote:
    Everything will be based on verbal cues so drink some tea, make sure you enunciate, pause appropriately, etc.

    what type of tea would you recommend? we're talking hot tea here?

    Haha, I don't know, probably something hot. I sound rough when I wake up so my thinking was to just get yourself to sound as smooth and put together as possible.

    I bought some Yerba from the reading terminal and love it.