Anyone have any information about this boutiqe ibank in Los Angeles? Info specific to the analyst level is most appreciated. Thanks.

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Oddly enough I started my career there 4 years ago (as an intern)

Here is my take:
If its for an internship - go for it (if you dont have any other offers), but do not go there full-time - it will lead nowhere.

They have really smart people and some ahole personalities.

Do an internship and use it to jump to BB - the BBs will respect the name and give you a chance.

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Thanks for the info. Do you know anything about their pay scale? I have heard that they pay well below market. Is that the case?


Yes, the pay is very much below market. A friend of mine who got an offer there said 3rd years only get $70k.


what is the bonus range? what about 1st and 2nd years? what would a 3rd year expect at another Los Angeles BB bank?


I can attest to what tritanchallenger said - when i was there the first years got a total package of about 70-75k. All three of there first yeras ended up leaving.


the first-years got 70-75K all-in, meaning total comp, meaning base+bonus?! When was this? Just this year?

That's a horrible.


I wondered the same thing. the poster who quoted the 70-75k figure said he was there 4 years ago. that would put him there in 2002 when the economy was crap. the compensation now can't still be that low--can it? someone please confirm. thanks.

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