Hi - First time posting. I'm just wondering how much of an impediment my GPA is going to be for the future trying to land a job in finance. Interested in sales and trading / hedge fund / asset management.

I have a 3.2 GPA in Mathematical Economics from an Ivy - Brown / Columbia / Dartmouth and I am also an athlete in a preppy sport (tennis,squash,lacrosse). Many of my friends taking easier course loads in concentrations like general economics, history, political science have much higher GPA's (3.6 - 3.9). Will my GPA be an impediment? Should I have chosen an easier concentration and gotten over a 3.5 GPA? Will I be dinged straight away because I've taken a more challenging course load? I'm the first to admit that I could have studied more and worked harder but given my time commitments in my sport as well as having a social life, I think I have done ok. I haven't applied to any summer internships, but there is the possibility that I may have something at a BB in sales and trading in London for the summer through a contact. If I don't get this am I screwed (I'm a junior). I have thought about grad school at LSE in finance but will my GPA be too low for entry there?

Will my only option be to take a middling type job and try and get into a good MBA program down the line?

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Have you ever read anything on this website before?

It's all about networking...for god's sake please listen to that advice already


Dude, you'll be fine. Just network your ass off. And you haven't applied to any summer internships? What does that even mean? Why not? What are you waiting for? Start networking now. Build a network and exploit it.


So like networking is obviously important,

But you'd be doing yourself a favor if you put in some work and brought that up to a 3.5 or so.


Your GPA is only an impediment if you allow it to be one. Done and done. You play a preppy sport, well, welcome to an industry full of preppy sports, shorts and otherwise. Look, I really do mean your GPA only matters as much as you will let it. Network, hustle, etc. Look at it this way, you slacked off and had fun up until now and all you really did was pull forward the amount of leisure time you would have had at the end of your senior year if you had studied more and had a job offer in hand. Now go get to work. I had a GPA where when I tell people now they laugh and tell me to stop kidding around. Just go get it.



I have a 3.2 GPA in Mathematical Economics from an Ivy - Brown / Columbia / Dartmouth and I am also an athlete in a preppy sport (tennis,squash,lacrosse).

Um...ya your fine. Realistically you will still get plenty of interviews if you go through OCR and have a 10x better chance of getting a job in finance than a non-target kid with a higher GPA and relevant experience.

Just network a little and you will be fine. Don't worry your gatekeeper is a pretty tiny person.


LOL @ these people telling you to network...

The jobs will fall into your lap, bro

Read: Every ivy league billionaire who started in banking had no fucking clue what banking was until their third month on the job.


Thanks for your help everyone. I have networked a little bit and that's why I may have on opportunity in BB trading for the summer.

BT Banker - I'm not sure if you're being serious or not.

I guess what I'm wondering is, if GPA wise, my resume is in a stack and I come up against the 3.6 in history, I'll get dinged?

I'm going to start networking, it's just sort of been something I've really started thinking about in the last couple of months or so to be honest.

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