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So this sounds kind silly, I was charged with writing a worthless check in high school, obviously I am in college now and that was ages ago. The money was actually for my high school graduation gown.

I was young and it wasn't like I was intentionally trying to pass a bad check to the guy or anything, I thought he was charging my via credit card instead of the checkand so I just send my credit card information...

But what did I know...and so 6 months later, I received a warrant telling me that I was being charged with writing a worthless check.

So the story goes, I hired a lawyer of course and had the charge dismissed.

Now, will this affect anything when it comes to finance internships/jobs? And should I have the charge expunged or don't even bother? I live in N.C. so I believe that I got get 1 dismissed charge expunged from my records.

I know my current boss extremely well before I got the internship so I knew that was no background check or anything.

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    jgrb17 wrote:
    As long as you have not been convicted of a felony you should be ok. In the case that something goes wrong, just explain to the HR personel your situation. Best of luck

    Are you sure it's just a felony? I'm sure that FBI fingerprint scan picks up EVERYTHING on your record. In which case, yeah, just explain to HR that it has nothing to do with you as a person and has no impact on your performance/ethics at the firm.

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    markets are down 500 points and its complete chaos and your asking this. Are you serious?

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