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Data Analytics Course (50+ video lessons)

In this course, we take you from a beginner in Data Analytics to an absolute Data Analytics master with over 50 lessons to help make sure you build a proper foundation for the more advanced data analytics courses. The foundational skills taught in this course ensures that you have the tools necessary to tackle any data questions you might have in the future.

Stats for Data Analytics (40+ Video Lessons)

In this course, we use 40+ video lessons and step-by-step walkthroughs to show you how to apply statistics in data analytics. With the foundational skills you learn in this course, you are ready to move on and tackle our more advanced statistics courses in Data Analytics where we expand on these principles, and SQL for Data Analytics where we learn to use code to pull data from large databases.

SQL for Data Analytics Course (50+ video lessons)

In this course, we comprehensively cover SQL with over 50 video lessons to help you reach mastery. We start from the very basics of SQL and build upon that basic foundation. Learning to utilize the full power of SQL is a foundational skill to any career that requires you to grab and analyze a large amount of data from a database. This course includes 6 coding challenges so you'll be ready for anything you face on the job.

Our students have landed and thrived at positions across all top Wall Street firms, including:

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Grid items
Intro to Big Data
Regression Analysis - Creating a Model
Stats Intro
Probability Distribution
Understanding the Correlation Number
The Basic SQL Outline
Using IN
Intro to Connecting Tables

Course #1


50+ Video Lessons with step-by-step walkthroughs across 12 modules to help you master the critical foundational program data analytics… The most comprehensive Data Analytics course on the market… We’ve got every base covered, so you’ll be prepared to tackle complex data analyses efficiently.

Course #2


40+ Video Lessons across 9 modules and an extensive workbook… with step by step walkthroughs and a deep dive into excel regression. This course is the most comprehensive statistical data analysis course on the market.

Course #3

SQL for Data Analytics Course

50+ Video Lessons across 8 modules to help you master SQL and applications in data analytics… Includes 6 coding challenges... This course is the most comprehensive and up to date SQL Data Analytics course on the market… 

Get 3 Distinct Course Certifications

After completing each course, all students will be granted a WSO Data Analytics Certification for that specific course.   Use these certificates as a signal to employers that you have the technical skills to immediately add value to your team. 

Demonstrate that you have put in the work outside of university courses to make yourself more efficient and master the most critical modeling skills for success in finance careers.  Easily share to LinkedIn and other social media sites to strengthen your profile as a candidate.

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Data Analytics Course

50+ video lessons across 12 Modules including a Statistics Bootcamp


Stats for Data Analytics Course

40+ video lessons across 9 Modules taking you from basic Statistics to Regressions


SQL for Data Analytics Course

50+ Lessons, 6+ Challenges, 3+ hours of video lessons to help you master SQL applications


Bonus 1: WSO Video Library (12mo Access)

Access to 100+ videos of IB, PE, HFs industries (avg 3hrs of content each!)


Bonus 2: WSO Company Database (WSO Premium) - 12 Month Access

24,681+ interview insights, 51,233+ exclusive salary and bonus datapoints + 20,127 company reviews...


24 Months of Unlimited Elite Support from Actual Finance Pros

Have a technical question? Easily drop a comment into any lesson and get a response from a pro within 48hrs.


6 Months of FREE Access to Macabacus

Full access to this Excel plug-in that makes financial modeling even easier, including tools for PowerPoint and Word.





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