Anyone know of any cheap gyms in NY or those that allow you to pay each time, rather than a monthly fee? I've got a membership at my office that is pretty reasonable and is great if I have an hour or two during the day/early evening, but the hours are shit. I am not looking for anything like NYSC or Equinox, but rather, the opposite. I don't care at all who goes there, what it looks like, or any amenities it has. If its got free weights and some machines, that's perfect. Thanks in advance.

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planet Fitness $1 to join and them $10 a month with no contract. Just beware you get what you pay for.

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find a local BBers/PLers gym (usually fairly cheap),... somewhere you can throw some steel around with people who are strong



Check out YMCA's.

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there are no PL gyms in manhattan to my knowledge. in fact, i hear it's hard to even find a place with a power rack...

but yes, check out ymca



Join Reebok, its worth it just so you can get demoralized in a pickup game by a left handed Baron Davis


i agree, its annoying that all the manhattan gyms are overly fancy -- I just need a power rack, jump rope, place to do dips (thats it, i think?)

anyway, what neighborhood? dolphin in the east village is super cheap (i left b/c they got rid of the squat rack, but who knows they might've brought it back), cityfitness in the east village is also cheap and i pay month-to-month -- they have a power rack and a platform for deads/cleans


Also, not sure if theyre cheap, but you can use this search to find PL gyms in NY: http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/4420


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