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Hi college juniors,

I thought it'd be helpful if we all compiled out status in this thread for our HK IBD SA applications, as I think it was practiced last year and the year before.

So let me just start:
CS: 1st round invite
Citi: pending
JPM: pending

Best of luck to all of you!


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  • hellllllllllooooooo's picture

    a couple questions.
    1. Does Asia Pacific SA recruiting start earlier than US? If so, is it just IBD or is it the same for S&T?
    2. If I apply to HK, am I still allowed to apply for US?
    3. Is it too late to apply to HK (like most of the resume screening would have been over)?

  • ibhopeful532's picture

    1. Yes, APAC SA recruiting (S&T/IBD) both start and end earlier than US recruiting. Deadline is either today, or a week from now for basically all the BB firms.

    2. Depending on bank, yes you can apply for both. But there's an unspoken understanding you're supposed to decide which you would prefer (cause they're gonna ask you "why Asia?"). If you end up getting an offer say from JPM NYC and JPM HK, someone is not going to be too happy.

    3. No, it's not too late. The HK process, unlike the NY yone, is stretched over 1.5 months. In New York, first rounds - superdays happen in like a week.

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    I applied for a position in Global Markets with Citi and received a rejection today. Did other people receive a similar email? I'm thinking it might have something to do with the fact that I'm a sophomore. On the application, there was an option to select student status, and the only choices were “penultimate year” or “ultimate year” of study. I selected penultimate year but then to be completely upfront, I noted in “additional information” that I was only in my second year..

    Didn't even bother applying to CS because I talked to a recruiter who said that they wouldn't accept sophomores for any positions this year (besides through their minority program, which is only for the US anyway).

  • vjunreal's picture

    BofA-ML: didn't apply
    BarCap: haven't submitted app yet
    Citi: no news
    CS: just had 1st rounds even though I haven't finished the numerical reasoning test, weird.
    GS: no news
    JPM: no news
    Laz: sent in resume+cov letter. my friend had his 1st rounds recently, not sure about me.
    MS: no news
    Nomura: no news
    UBS: no news

    This is going pretty slowly. I'm a sophomore but graduating 1 year early if that helps. Tuition fee hike sucks

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    deutschlandfb wrote:
    Got an email yesterday from MS that my application was under review and that they would contact people for first rounds in January. Kinda weird that it was from a specific HR person’s email and not just some generic campus recruiting address.

    I agree, this is going rather slowly..

    I know and the guy forgot to put a subject for the email... linkedin show he's based out of india

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    yes apparently. my friend sent a cold email to the asia pacific recruiting address. i was surprised too. go look it up

    edit: maybe the recruiting is rather informal for SA's. i honestly am not really sure myself so i sent in a cov letter and resume. can't hurt to try because they never said that they don't hire SAs for asia pacific offices

  • ibhopeful532's picture

    there is no reason to go to Lazard APAC.

    M&A is very weak in Asia. Most deals are equity/follow-ons. In Asia, especially on China team, industry groups > product groups. in fact, Financial sponsors sees the LEAST deal flow. I was at a BB the past summer in HK discussed here, and our Financial Sponsors team (all 4 of them), left 5pm everyday with 0 live deals.

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    re: monkeyinasuit

    I was at SA at one of the top BB's in HK IBD last year. Your question, i.e. 95% of deals are IPO/Follow-ons/block-trades, is exactly the reason I think there is a tradeoff by beginning to work in HK versus NY.

    What you gain by being in an emerging market and a cool city, you also lose in variety of deal exposure and client sophistication. I was on a DD call last summer, and the CEO of a Chinese company we were DD'ing literally couldn't come up with some of the answers we were asking him because he was quote "I'm too hung over from last night".

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    Nah dude, not necessarily. I like the people I met in Hong Kong, I like the city, I grew up in new York so it's rather monotonous by this point. Long term wise, I don't forsee myself pursuing the path of a MD. I still think there are a lot of opportunities in China provided you cultivate a strong network and learn the language/culture. I think there's only one or two firms I'd stay in NYC for, and if I don't get those, I'll head back to HK.

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    Hey guys, good luck with your interviews. I just have a few questions regarding recruiting @HK.

    1. Is mandarin required for IBD & S&T positions in HK? Looks like UBS even has a chinese test. As a native speaker of Korean I am curious if I need to get started on studying mandarin (+ I am interested in chinese culture as well). Just curious if at least being conversational would help since a lot of people seem to say unless it's fluent its useless.

    2. This Sounds like a stupid question but when applying for multiple offices how would you do this? Applying online and also through resume drops?

    3. How is HK office compared to that of Singapore? (Class size, deal flows, exit opps, etc)


  • ibhopeful532's picture

    Venice, the answer to your question is if you know Korean you don't need to know chinese. In fact, honestly, if they like you they wont even look at the Chinese test. The few people I know who don't speak chinese fluently in the office are the korean people. There's a VP @ JPMorgan who doesn't speak a lick of any Chinese/southeast asia language that started as an analyst. He's ABC. But then again, you have your analysts & Directors who are caucasian who will speak flawless mandarin.

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    Hey vjunreal, where did you get the email address for lazard asia recruitment? I cold-called them a couple of times during office hours but couldn't get through past HR... I'm more interested in the Seoul office if you have the contact info handy.

    Meanwhile, for me:
    BarCap initial interview, didn't bother applying online, only applied through networking

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    completely depends on your interviewer. If you get an asshat, yes you will get a ton of technicals. If you get someone chill, he'll understand that as long as you are an intelligent, articulate person, you can learn the "technical" skills of IBD in two weeks.