Hey guys, so I know an MD that is in Corporate Principle and Trading and have a phone call coming up with him. Just wondering how much pull someone like this has if I wanted to get into say IBD or Capital Markets over Sales and Trading.

Would he be able to get me an interview or since he is in a different area he has no pull?

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If he A) likes you a lot and B) knows other MDs in IBD he could probably pull some strings and get you an interview. Obviously not as easy for him as someone in IBD to get you an interview, but not impossible.

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Depends on firms. If it's GS and the MD is a PMD - you'll get inerviewed.

If he's a junior MD in some sht group - probably not


It all depends on how willing he is to help you.


I would agree with what has been said. My father is an MD in PE at a major investment bank and I recently had a friend interview for an Ibanking position at the same bank. My dad met with my friend so he could determine how much to stick his neck out for him. In other words, if the MD wants to push, he can probably pull an interview but if he just sends a quick email it may not be as powerful.


Banks have

1) Must hires
2) Must interviews
3) Referrals



probably hurts more than it helps - it makes them think you are spoiled and you get blacklisted.


Who's them? If you're referring to HR, they can't blacklist you. They don't decide who gets jobs.


I had a few MD/Group Heads in IBD get me interviews on the Capital Markets/S&T side. Depending on the size of the bank, they can have a lot of pull or barely any at all (At a big place like Citi, BAML, JPMorgan nearly everyone has some type of connection that is pulling for them)

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