JoS. A. Bank is having a two day sale where everything in stock is 50% off. Curious to know how often these types of sales come around? Is it actually a good sale, or are the suits at JoS. A. Bank usually on sale for around the same price?

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They always have sales. This past Thursday was buy one suit get two free. I know their not that great of quality but that's probably where I will wind up getting a new suit for upcoming recruiting.

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What is the approx. price range, I'm sure someone can refer you to a better suit for a similar price.


Wow Marcus. You are full of really helpful insight tonight. You also reveal your ignorance by not even knowing the price range. No it is not an Armani suit but JoS Banks makes a great suit for the analyst level. I'm loath to even answer your question but the price range is $600-800 retail for their main line and higher for some of their other lines. As was said, there are frequent sales and deals so no one should pay retail for one of these suits.


Stalk much?


Cheese, what does the price range have to do with the quality of the suit? Or the fact that this store is constantly having "sales" ?

Its fairly common knowledge that none of the "retail" prices are actual prices at these types of stores. So you're not getting a $800 suit for 50% off. Thats why the "sales" you're talking about are non-existent and year round... (I've never heard of a Halloween suit sale before, have you?). Its like the infomercials that sell you double the product if you call in the next 30 seconds. If you're going to spend $400 on a suit, you can get a far better suit that will last you a lot longer.

Try any of the department stores, if you can, after the holdiays there will be plenty of sales (real ones). And if you need to buy a whole wardrobe try applying for the store credit card, they usually throw an additional discount on top of everything else. There are plenty of ways to not break the bank and still look respectable. Also try Century 21, you can typically get any of the suits at department stores for much cheaper.


Spitzer vs. Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc.

"It is the Attorney General's position that Jos. A. Bank does not actually offer for
sale or sell this merchandise at the "regular price." Instead, Jos. A. Bank conducts "sale" after
"sale." Because the merchandise is perpetually "on sale," the so-called "sale price" is actually
the price at which Jos. A. Bank regularly offers for sale and sells the merchandise.
Less than 1% of all sales of Jos.A . Bank's suits, formal wear, trousers, and
blazers were made at the "regular price" during 2003."


Certain JC Penney suits (Stafford Essentials 100% wool) are 1/3 the price of Jos A Bank even when they are on sale and it's around the same decent quality. You may also want to check Macy's for higher end stuff.


If you buy anything from Jos Bank at full price you're a fucking idiot...You could buy the building for the right price


Jos A Banks suits are NEVER full price. The range for the most basic quality suits, the "executive" suit, is any where from $150 on its cheapest black friday price, to $250 on an average sale.


Whether or not the sale is actually a sale, generally you can get a fairly wide selection of decent suits for pretty cheap at Jo Banks. I agree with above - $150 to $300 is the sweet spot for suits there. Don't pay more than that.


Jos A Bank and Charles Tyrwhitt always have sales - never pay full price.

If you want a good deal - check out the outlets at woodbury commons (near NYC). I picked up a nice Burberry suit at Barney's for 450. plenty of cheap options if you've got time and a bit of luck. A nice ferragamo store too if you want some slightly discounted (but still rather pricey shoes)


Alright guys that's really good to know cause I still want to shop around. Marcus, I looking to pay around $300-$350 (each) for a navy blue and gray suit.


Marcus, I understand that concept. I wasn't saying go break down the doors for this awesome sale. Nor am I saying that the retail price makes it a good suit. I am speaking to the quality based on my experiences. If the sale drops their suits into the $250-350 range, Jos Banks is of higher quality than comparably priced suits I've gotten at department stores. My two cents.


Somone PM'ed me and for the benefit of any other prospective monkeys here's a few pointers, which have been discussed ad noseum on here btw.

#1- you dont need to spend a shit load of money on a suit, in fact you can probably get away with whatever it is you've been wearing throughout college. I met an analyst at an industry conference last year who was wearing no less than a $3,000 hand made suit, he looked like a fucking imbecile. He was trying way too fucking hard and it showed. As a college student, you can get away with whatever it is they have at your local department store on sale so long as its wool suit.

#2- you can not go wrong by atleast checking out the outlets stores before going to buy a suit full price at a normal department store. So first, I'd suggest Century 21. I have seen $300 Ferre, $300 Hugo Boss, $400 Hickey, $600 Canali, $800-1000 Valentinos/Versaces. (just a point of reference to demonstrate the discounts, they have plenty of other stuff most people haven't heard of) They also have the usual suspects of typical department store suits (whatever Ralph Lauren labels, Calvin Klein, etc... for $200-300). Dont get anything too trendy, flashy or otherwise fashionable. Just because its a $1500 suit for $500 doesn't mean its appropriate for work. It should be classic and simple. After century 21, as people above mentioned the outlets. Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Barneys, etc... all have outlet stores. Check the web sites for locations. There's also random outlet strips scattered all over the US.

#3- not everyone gives a shit about their clothes. Thats not to say they dont look respectable, they just dont give enough of a shit to go hunting for a bargain to get a high end suit for a deal Which is fine. You're a college student, and even if you're not a college student, if thats not your style, thats not your style. Just wear what you're comfortable wearing.

On a side note, some people get suits at Zara/H&M. Not sure how much they run, but just make sure they're not too trendy (which means slim these days.)

And as always, no matter where you guy your suit and for how much, get it tailored, and not from a dry cleaner. If they dont cup your balls when marking adjustments on your suit, they're not real legit.



Brooks Brothers Outlet is the place. I've got 5 or 6 suits from different dept stores and 1 from brooks brothers outlet. I think the suit was ~$300 and is much better than any of the dept store suits I have. I know there are a few outlets near Chicago and I'm sure many more throughout the country.

These suits aren't for the guys looking to spend $1k plus, but anyone trying to keep it under $500 would be well served to check out BB outlet.


I went to Jos A Bank for the second time today. it was the first time i've given their stuff a serious gander. most of that stuff is super shitty and not a good deal. their sport shirts were so thin. the sport shirts at BB outlet are of much higher quality. i have to concur with marcus above. the department stores with *real* sales offered much better deals.

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Are Jos A Bank's Traveler Wrinkle Free shirts worth it for $40 (the normal on-sale price)? I need some dress shirts to wear to work and there's a Jos A Bank down the street. Can someone recommend some good dress shirts that are not too expensive? I'm have a Macy's and Mens Wearhouse nearby. I can also get myself to the nearby mall Nordstrom's pretty easily.

Thanks a lot.


Jos. A Banks = Terrible quality

Brooks Bros. Outlet = Terrible quality

Brooks Bros. = decent quality but a rip off

Department stores = random quality, overpriced.

Seriously folks. Go to a NYC Asian tailor and get them made for under $500 each.

This question needs to die.

Custom is affordable.

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