Some say take it seriously. Others treat it as a 6 week party. What's the reality? Are we not ranked and tested on a weekly basis. How do our staffers and evaluators use these test scores? In general, what is your advice for making the most out of my bank's training program?

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This is a great topic...i am interested as well

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Absolutely. Interested as well - from what I heard it's somewhere in the middle, good 6 week party to network with colleagues plus some good recap of CF stuff. If you have business background, I'd imagine you'll be more focused on the first part.


My bank will have "competency tests", but I've been told you can consult with other people and the instructor. One of my future coworkers said they do throw a lot of info at you that's specific to the bank and your group/job and MD's were pissed when kids didn't know their shit. Also at least 2 of the weeks will be "shadowing" an analyst and at the end they take the training wheels off.



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