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Learn how to match yourself to an Industry - Compare multiple types of banking - IB vs S&T vs PWM

Industry Comparisons


Detailed Industry Comparisons

This course aims to help you explore various career options and compare them in depth when you are undecided with thousands of options. 

A Look Across Industries

A Look Across Industries: IB, S&T, AM + MBA vs CFA? ......which is right for you?

Commercial vs Corporate vs Investment Banking

Learn what it is Commercial, Corporate or Investment Banking at a large commercial bank. 

Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Capital Markets

Deciding Between Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Capital Markets

IB or S&T

How to decide between whether IB or S&T is right for you? 

Private Wealth Management vs. Investment Banking

Compare PB, PWM and IBD. 

Course Summary - Table of Contents

Below you will find a list of the modules and lessons included in this course.

Our students have landed and thrived at positions across all top Wall Street firms, including:

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