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Corporate Finance Manager
Corporate Finance Manager
Member since 2016
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Philadelphia
About the mentor
  • He started his finance career working as an Investment Banking Analyst
  • He then started in a role in corporate development before moving to a corporate development associate role
  • He provides support to the firm's M&A processes including evaluating inbound teasers/CIMs to identify possible acquisition targets, due diligence, constructing financial models, corporate valuation, and interacting with potential acquisition targets
  • He now leads all aspects of corporate finance function (FP&A and M&A), reporting directly to CFO at PLI.
  • He has a BS/BA
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Expertise
    • Investment Banking
    • Corporate Development

    Reviews for this mentor

    I had him as my mentor and with his help, I got an offer in investment banking! I was struggling to get an offer but once I had some sessions with my mentor, things clicked. His advice and time were invaluable.

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