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Corporate Finance
3rd+ Year Analyst

9Sessions Completed
  • Currently an analyst at a music investment company, in charge of investor relations, external processes, and other capital markets-related functions
  • Previously worked at two investment banking firms including BMO Capital Markets
  • Non-target undergrad


  • Investment Banking

About the mentor

  • Queen's University
  • Toronto

Reviews for this mentor

July 16, 2019

I will just say that the WSO Resume Review service exceeded my expectations. I was initially skeptical considering my unique background as well as the less common positions I was targeting. My fears were quickly alleviated after promptly receiving a message from my reviewer. He was quick to respond, gave coveted advice from his own first hand experiences, and was open to discuss and explain certain edits made. We went through several iterations of my original resume, each improving upon the last until we had a finished product that was leaps and bounds from where we started. I was so pleased with my experience that I subsequently purchased the Cover Letter review service. Overall a great experience.

April 9, 2019

He has done an excellent job with both my resume and cover letter. He has perfectly highlighted my strengths which were in-line with my target job thanks to his impressive professional career and investment banking background. The process was easy; once I submitted my questionnaire, he contacted me very quickly. He always gives answers rapidly and can take your resume and cover letter to the next level in a matter of days. After submitting the questionnaire, he makes sure to understand perfectly all the details about you before delivering a draft. In addition, he makes sure you are completely satisfied with the results. It has been a pleasure to work with him, I would highly recommend him and the resume review service.

March 19, 2019

Having a chance to know and work with the reviewer who was absolutely worthwhile and enjoyable. I was amazed and grateful by his serious work ethic, his quick responses, updates, and above all the effort he put into my resume and cover letter. He greatly helped me fill in a lot of white space that I still had in my drafted resume by elaborating much more on each of my key bullet points. Furthermore, he has a great ability to turn opinions into quantifiable measurement, which I failed to do prior to working with him. His word choice, format setting, and structure also transformed my resume and cover letter.

March 8, 2019

"He was an absolute pleasure to work with for my resume and cover letter. I really appreciated his high quality of work, quick turnaround, and patience as we exchanged iterations. The most impressive things he did to my documents were improving the format, cutting my resume from 2 pages to 1 pages while managing to make my selling points more concise and even more impressive. I think the one deficiency I had earlier with my resume was that I had a lack of quantified results; as a result, I appreciate the effort from him to push me to think of areas in my experience that I could quantify and help me shine."

February 5, 2019

He has done a great job on editing my resume by reformatting the layout and rewording my paragraphs with his concise diction. He was really helpful, and he responded to all my emails within a very short time period. His follow-up questions also helped me recall details of what I had done during my previous coops. Again, I feel so fortunate to have him improve the overall quality of my resume. Hopefully, I could land an ideal job after this job hunting with this resume!

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