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Investment Banking Vice President
Investment Banking Vice President
Member since 2019
  • New York
  • San Francisco
About the mentor
  • Vice President at a financial advisory firm focusing on M&A for the past six years.
  • Broad sector coverage experience, with specific expertise in Financials and Healthcare
  • Helped numerous candidates from both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds break into investment banking
  • MBA from top 5 business school and an undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics from a liberal arts college
  • Consulting

Reviews for this mentor

He provided me with prompt and exceptional service. He was collaborative and skillful in his process

I particularly enjoyed my sessions with this mentor; I did an hour session that was broken up into two 30 minute sessions. He was happy to conduct the sessions this way which was meaningful to me because I was able to take his advice from the first session and act upon it and go over it with the follow-up session. I am grateful because it meant taking up more of his time but he was willing to with no problem. He also gave great insight into how to take your background and frame it in a way that looks great in terms of you searching for employment. He also knew how to conduct and drive the sessions in a way that would be most helpful to the mentee. I can't say enough great things about him. He gave great, tangible advice that could be used right away. Please consider him no matter what you're looking for.

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