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Hedge Fund 3rd+ Year Analyst
Hedge Fund 3rd+ Year Analyst
Member since 2020
  • New York
  • Hong Kong
About the mentor
  • 6+ years in public markets experience between single/multi-manager hedge funds
  • Career-changer able to advise on differences between industries and strategies to navigate a career change during business school
  • Has successfully coached WSO mentees to single/multi-manager hedge funds from outside the industry
  • Hedge Funds
  • Consulting

Reviews for this mentor

I am thankful for my mentor that he helped me so much throughout my career-switching journey. I recently landed a summer internship at a major asset manager. His involvement with my recruiting journey, sharing of useful resources, and encouragement really play a role in helping me get to the other side!

My mentor gave me some great advice. Since my session I have gotten a job as an Investment Analyst. He helped me with next steps, as well as understanding what this industry truly looks like. I'm really excited to what comes next in my career and give a lot of credit to my mentor.

My mentor gave me so many tips on how to succeed in my job search, but what impressed me the most it is that he went above and beyond by summarizing the things I have to change.

I highly recommend a session with this mentor. He gave me many useful tips for stock pitches and recruiting as a career switcher. He also shared with me an insider perspective on investing and career planning.

I would highly recommend getting a session with this mentor.  I was previously a hedge fund analyst myself but I still find the session with the mentor useful and informative.  He is knowledgeable and went out of his way to help me prepare for my stock pitch. 

He provided me insight into the steps necessary to make a change from a single sector-focused fund to a role at a new hedge fund that will cover another sector. He has offered to walk through stock pitches and provided a quality book recommendation. In addition, I learned a lot about modeling and stock pitching at a MM and he gave me quality examples from his time at a top-tier fund without naming specifics. 

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