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Sales & Trading Vice President
Sales & Trading Vice President
Member since 2021
  • Toronto
  • New York
About the mentor
  • Over 7-8 years in quantitative research, development, and trading front-office roles, in both the buy-side investment management and sell-side capital markets.
  • Experience as a quantitative researcher at a top asset manager, quantitative analyst at a hedge fund, trader on a derivatives trading desk.
  • Personally interviewed and hired 100's of co-ops, new graduates, and junior members, and understand all aspects of the hiring process.
  • Expertise in quantitative areas of finance - financial theory (portfolio management, investment research, trading), technical (software development, systems design, data engineering), and data science (statistics, ML/AI, analytics).
  • Hedge Funds
  • Sales and Trading
  • Equity Research
  • Hedge Fund
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management

Reviews for this mentor

I'd like to express my gratitude for providing the resume review service and extend my sincere appreciation to my mentor, who has been an incredible mentor throughout the resume review process. Please find the feedback below for your reference:

He stands out as the best resume reviewer and mentor I've had the privilege of working with. He went well beyond the mere review process, taking the time to deeply understand my aspirations and motivations and skillfully incorporating those into my resume. This resulted in a finished product that was an authentic representation of myself.

Throughout the extensive resume overhaul, he tackled significant weaknesses and concerns, completely revamping the entire layout and adeptly highlighting key strengths and accomplishments. Through this organic process, he helped me build credibility and bolstered my confidence, particularly when both were lacking prior to this review.

Despite his obvious wealth of experience and expertise, he never took shortcuts and instead posed insightful questions with multiple follow-ups to gain a deeper understanding. He thoroughly evaluated my responses and used those to address perceived experience and knowledge gaps while emphasizing qualities he knew were important to my target industry.

I deeply appreciate his patience and meticulous attention to detail. He was consistent in providing genuine and candid feedback, and his invaluable guidance deepened my understanding of what to expect from top-tier companies and interviewers.

Not only has this process with my mentor been introspective, but it has prompted a reevaluation of my approach. I can't begin to thank him enough for his guidance and support, and I look forward to booking individual sessions to gain further insights from him.

Thank you, WSO Team

My initial resume hadn’t been receiving as much interest as I’d hoped, but I began receiving many more interviews after working with him to improve it. The final product was substantially better than what I had written on my own.

We also worked on preparing for interviews, discussing both general interviewing practices and in depth subject review for the roles I was targeting. Many of these topics came up during interviews, and having a framework for approaching them was invaluable.

Working with him was a very positive experience. I ended up receiving an offer I’m very excited about, and his mentorship was critical in achieving this. I’d definitely recommend him to others.

He did an outstanding job on my resume review. The attention and care he provided is second to none along with his competency on the subject matter. 10/10 recommend.

I would like to thank you for your help regarding my request for a resume review. You demonstrated a high level of competence, attention, and care for my issue. I will gladly recommend you and the WSO to anyone in my environment. 

I received an offer from xxx last month, I completely forgot to tell you.

Thank you for all your help over the past few months.

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