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May 11, 2023

Just like our private equity (PE) resume template, this resume is for professionals with deal experience who are looking to land a job at a hedge fund and coming from investment banking, management consulting, or other projects/transaction-based work.

This template helps make sure that your CV format is clean and your hedge fund resume is polished, all for free!

As a reminder, the bullets in this template are just placeholders and are NOT what we would consider "top-notch" bullets.

This template is very similar to the hedge fund resume template we use in all of our WSO resume reviews for experienced buy-side professionals.

Note: This template is for experienced professionals and not college students.

HF Resume: Format, Spacing, and Font

Spacing and font size go hand in hand.

While it’s recommended that you keep the bullet font size at 10 and replace the bullets with content of roughly similar size, you can change it to font size 11 if you need to fill more space with less.

Don’t drop the font size to 9. At that point, the resume will become too cluttered and won’t have enough white space.

Moving it up to 11 is tolerable, but if you’re applying for hedge fund positions, filling the resume shouldn’t be an issue in the first space.

The ratio between content and white space is optimal as it stands in the template.

Typically, the format is of major relevance to interviewers at hedge funds.

Lucky for you, you’ve found yourself on this page.

The format is already set; just fill in the blanks.

What should I put on my Hedge Fund Interview Resume?

Arguably the most important aspect of your resume, since you’re already set as far as formatting goes, is the bullet points, which make up the content of the resume.

Here’s what you need to know for the bullets on your private equity resume, courtesy of @upod01", an investment banking analyst.

upod01 - Investment Banking Analyst:
Try to quantify some of your experience. In the case that you do not have a quantifiable metric, focus on how you outperformed and any results you achieved.

Example of something great to put on a resume: "Helped create first-time access to life-changing technologies, products, and services for isolated villagers through locally-owned, managed, and sustainable (profitable) entrepreneurial solutions." Not so great: "Assisted with move-ins and move-out of tenants." You see my point.

    How To Break Into Hedge Funds?

    Hedge Fund recruiting is more cut-throat and competitive than anything you've ever experienced before (there aren't many spots that open up).

    If you want to break into private equity, you need to be well-practiced in the technical aspects of the interview. We advise you to check out our free Hedge Fund Interview Guide first, before investing in our paid course, so that you have an idea of what to expect.

    A couple of quick notes:

    • Please feel free to pass the word along to your friends in banking or other finance positions that are targeting hedge funds.
    • If you're looking for our resume for undergraduate investment banking, click here.
    • Remember to consider our industry-leading resume editing service, if you are looking for real HF professionals to help you structure and word your resume bullets and experiences. The service is specifically targeted towards investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, trading, management consulting, and other finance resumes.
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