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I am a rising sophomore at Cornell's undergrad business school. My goal is to become a MBB consultant in the future. I received two offers for internships next summer (2021): EY Launch and PwC Start (both in the Advisory branch). I am aware that these consulting & advisory branches do not compare to MBB, but I am hoping to strengthen my resume and have a fulfilling experience over next summer.

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Hello Fellow Monkeys,

I am 3 years out of college stuck in an ops role at a small RIA in the bay area. The job pays well and I feel like is generally secure. However, I am upset because I feel like I am on a dead end career path. Seriously, the longer I stay in Ops the more it feels like I'm drowning in quicksand.

29 comments 28 May 2020 - Chunkybannanas

Hi WSO - I've used this forum in the past and found it useful, so here's my chance to give back. I'm about to hit one year at Accenture, and it's been grueling and testing work environment. I got roped into a project that barely aligned to what my interests were (big surprise there), and have unfortunately been stuck on the same client since I joined. I've had half a foot out the door for the past few months now, and have interviewed at a startup that I just got rejected from.

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Hi! So I am a high school senior that is going to UCSB as an Econ major. However, I know that UCSB is not the best college for MBB recruiting (there's like a tiny bit, I hear). I recognized that some UCSB students wind up transferring to UCLA or UC Berkeley. I will aim for a 3.9+ GPA whether I wind up transferring or not, but do you think it is worth it to try? I would apply as a Math/Econ major at UCLA and UC Berkeley I don't know. I'm asking for advice so that I can plan ahead. Advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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I’ll try to be short in my history: I joined a top engineering School in Brazil when I was 16, was the first of my family to attend an elite school, came from a very small state, developed some meaningful leadership experiences during graduation, spent a semester volunteering for an Education NGO, did 2 summers (one in a local business and other in a top Bank), was selected for a highly competitive program for talent development inside the School and I’m currently volunteering at the first and biggest Endowment in my country.

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Hello. I am currently a senior in an Ohio high school and feel as though I may be interested in a career in consulting (possibly other finance related careers as well...CRE, Corp Finance, AM, and PE to name a few). I have been accepted to Ohio State, Indiana, Villanova, Case Western Reserve, Emory, WashU, and Boston College. I have been admitted into the business schools in each of these colleges except for Emory, which you apply to at the end of sophomore year. Which college will give me the best chance of landing a strong job out of college?

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Does anyone have any ideas of what BCG's best practice areas are in the New York office? I'm defining "best", as working with the best clients in the sector, selling at the highest price point, providing the most real and tangible value to the client company, and providing the members of the team with the opportunity to work on problems that are truly challenging and will have large implications on the future of the client company and their industry.

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Doing both a summer and a full time? 2 comments

Hey friends!
I have done a SA and signed S&T full time return offer with one of the BBs at London. However, coming from the STEM background, that is my only financial experience. Thus, I am thinking about broaden my finance experience and apply to another SA in a different business area to explore (IBD, Equity Research). In London, many companies accept final year students into SA program. Thus, I can finish off my summer and go to the full time in September in the same year.

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I'll cut to the chase. I've been actively applying for a job for almost a year now. Background is non-target school (Greater NY) 3.4 GPA class of 2017. Have taken a banking course and have received some interest when applying on LinedIn and even internally. Work in HF Ops and am desperately trying to get out. A little over two years in this current role but still feel like it is too early for me to just give up getting into an analyst position and going all in for MBA (plus it's expensive).

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