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  2. M&A to +$60M Startup

    Investment Banking

    Hey Fellow Monkeys, I am currently in route to become a VP at a global M&A firm in the U.S. but the way teams are structured may limit my upswing in this firm. I am considering leaving for a role at a mid-size tech start up that has raised $60M+ in th ...

    8 comments10 Feb 2019 -

  3. Securities offered by"XX"

    Investment Banking

    HI all, Was browsing a few boutique bank websites and I noticed that some of them have a small disclosure stating something like Securities offered by [name of another bank/broker/etc]. Haven't been able to find a lot of information on what this is o ...

    1 comment15 Feb 2018 -

  4. help me with your advice!

    Investment Banking

    I am studying in Hong Kong and my expected graduation Gpa is 3.1/4.3 (second up honor:>2.85, first honor:>3.45) My Gpa is too low to get any investment bank internship or grad job offer. I am now considering to work for one year and then apply for N ...

    1 comment21 Jan 2018 -

  5. Hello to everyone. I need (serious) advice on which US M&A boutiques I should be talking to from a CLIENT perspective* to hire for advising me and my company on a (deep) tech M&A deal in the ballpark of US$ 100-150 M. We quickly listed some but I ...

    1 comment16 Oct 2017 -