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Hoping some of the older guys can provide guidance here.

I have the chance to accept an analyst offer for a CMBS Originations role at a BB in NYC. Eventually, I would like to pursue an Associate role in REPE. Will taking a job in CMBS alter my chances of receiving an offer at a MF or top-tier shop? What are common exit ops for an CMBS analyst at a BB?

2 comments 14 Aug 2020 - Burner2016

Has anyone had in-person interviews or a modeling test that you had to travel for since lock downs started? I know a few firms have done everything over zoom and have new hires start remote.

I'm in the South East and looking at a few acquisition roles in NYC with big REPE shops. I know they typically have you come in for final rounds and the modeling test. Has anyone been hired for a senior analyst/associate role there recently?

1 comment 31 Jul 2020 - jtc_CRE

Can anyone give details on what there final round interviews were like for REPE? What type of technical questions were asked. It is mostly meeting with all senior people (some investment some data people) so would love to get peoples thoughts on what they've experienced? Specifically if they were technical or more behavioral. Thanks!

8 comments 22 Jun 2020 - crashboy57

What is the general consensus on the RE investing arms of the banks? I know they probably work on a lot of core deals, with some value-add maybe and possibly opportunistic. But would you take a job within their RE investing team if offered?

I have a feeling if you tried to network your way into a BB RE team, it may be easier than say a MF but I could be wrong / may be a bad example. Generally curious how these teams are seen in the industry and if they are respected enough to go and work for compared to another REPE firm.

8 comments 13 Apr 2020 - TheDiplomats

Hi all,

I was wondering if I could gather yall's thoughts on which opportunity I should take. For starters, my long term goal is to end up in acquisitions at an REPE shop.

I am currently entertaining two offers:
1. Valuation & Advisory at a top brokerage
2. Acquisitions at a REIT

6 comments 14 Jan 2020 - Fuhnance is WACC

Hey all, incoming REPE SA in acquisitions for an EB, looking for some good resources to learn more about the industry and work I'll be doing. Whether its websites, case studies, books, etc. all advice/contributions would be much appreciated.


3 comments 06 May 2019 - tastypack

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time now. Throughout most of my time as an undergraduate, I have aimed for roles in investment banking, but it appears that an REPE analyst role has fallen into my lap and I have been trying to gauge what compensation is for the past few months.

4 comments 23 Feb 2019 - YoungKapitalist

I am starting a new role as an analyst in 2 weeks (the role is focused on underwriting opportunistic acquisitions across Europe - primarily offices, retail, industrial, and residential). Do you have any advice for new analysts in terms of setting up good long term habits (organisation, excel formulas, routines, etc.) that you've successfully implemented in your careers?

I have previously done an internship in asset management but this is my first full-time role as an acquisitions analyst. Thank you in advance!

14 comments 01 Oct 2018 - luther