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  2. 2016 analyst bonus thread

    Investment Banking

    Hey everyone. Bonuses should be coming our around now. What are the 1st 2nd 3rd year analyst bonuses looking like at your firms this year? investment banking analyst bonus 2016 Let's take a look at some historical data from the Wall Street Oasis Inve ...

    54 comments1 Sep 2016 -

  3. Solved

    Private Equity

    Solved office politics analyst bonus ...

    134 comments18 Jul 2014 -

  4. --resolved--please--delete--

    Investment Banking

    --resolved-- analyst bonus ...

    29 comments1 May 2014 -

  5. From what I've seen, bonuses for junior people at great firms like BlackRock are nothing compared to what they could be getting at banks. Is this just because AM is so many fewer hours? For reference most banking bonuses I've seen are like 50%-7 ...

    25 comments29 Mar 2015 -

  6. Fellow Monkeys, Anybody have any data points on IB analyst bonuses for 2017. Firm: XXX Year: XXX Bucket: XXX Amount (USD): XXX analyst bonus ...

    13 comments8 Aug 2017 -

  7. Bonus Expectations

    Off Topic

    I'm currently the only analyst working alongside an MD to structure/underwrite a ~90MM bond deal. The deal has been very time intensive and I've developed several models which are the foundation for the deal. Back of the envelope estimation for ...

    15 comments17 Jun 2016 -

  8. IBD Bonuses on Offer Letter

    Investment Banking

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light as to how bonus/bonus potential is expressed on an investment banking analyst full-time offer letter. Do they openly state the range of bonuses (eg. 25K-50K depending on performance) or do they express it as ...

    14 comments1 Oct 2014 -

  9. Macquarie Bonus 2016

    Investment Banking

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know what Macquarie bonuses were for 2016 at analyst level for in London / NY? Figures were released on Friday 6 May. Despite the bank had good results this year, they apparently reduced the bonus pool last minute. macquarie analy ...

    5 comments6 May 2020 -

  10. S&T Analyst Bonuses

    Sales and Trading

    Could anyone shed some light on what analyst bonuses are like in S&T for stub, first full year (so 1.5 years in) and second year (so 2.5 years in if you get called back for a third year)? I've done a search but all information is old- 2011 and be ...

    6 comments6 Jul 2015 -

  11. Bonus Timing?

    Investment Banking

    I realize this is an insanely elementary question, but when are investment banking bonuses typically paid out? The summer? Christmas? Does it vary from bank to bank? Is it different from IB to PE to HF 's to VC to PWM, or is the entire finance indust ...

    6 comments27 Jun 2015 -

  12. CMBS Bonus Numbers

    Real Estate

    Hey guys, Its about that time of year when everyone is getting their numbers. Since spreads came in pretty substantially and these groups on the sell side did well, what kind of numbers are you expecting or already received? More interested in the more ju ...

    6 comments23 Feb 2013 -

  13. First Year Analyst Bonus

    Investment Banking

    Hi I had a question on YE bonuses for first year analysts. Let's say you start working in July 2016 and get paid a YE16 bonus of $30k. When you get your YE17 bonus do you compare it to your actual YE16 bonus or your YE16 bonus annualized? analyst bon ...

    5 comments13 Apr 2017 -

  14. What would give a bigger bonus-- being happy or slightly frustrated at work. Serious question here, now normally the easy answer would be that the happy person would get the bigger bonus because of all the positivity he/she brings. And specifically this i ...

    4 comments21 Oct 2014 -

  15. Anyone have the balls

    Investment Banking

    To take FMLA for a month or so to get bonus? Curious what tales there are of creative ways to get that check analyst bonus ...

    3 comments24 Aug 2017 -

  16. Jefferies' Clawback

    Investment Banking

    Does anyone know someone who left prior to their 1-year clawback for their Jefferies ' bonus? If so, did they return the bonus? Thanks. clawback Jefferies and Co analyst bonus Salary ...

    3 comments2 Feb 2013 -

  17. Being a promotion year, as I had my performance review and received my bonus number, I was also handed an associate contract. I have already decided I want to leave, with a starting date one month after the date the bonus hits the bank. However, as I will ...

    2 comments17 Aug 2017 -

  18. I had an interview for an analyst position at Chatsworth Securities. They're located in CT (1~2 hrs away from the City). And they said they do private placement deals for the most part. ...

    2 comments6 May 2013 -

  19. Asking on behalf of a friend: Have all banks switched their Analysts on to the calendar year bonus schedule (Jan-Dec) or are some banks still sticking to the traditional schedule (Jul-Jun) in London? If so does this mean that all first year analysts get a ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -

  20. Now that bonuses should all be paid, I'm trying to gauge what final bonus numbers were for analysts at the BB. I know about the stubs for the most part, but I'm curious about what the buckets were for each class. Overall, I've heard numbers ...

    1 comment5 May 2018 -

  21. Bonus Info FY2014

    Investment Banking

    It's that time of year and bonus numbers are starting to roll in. For the greater good of the WSO community feel free to share what you've been told or have heard (credible only, no BSD dreams of grandeur please). While the year-end WSO report i ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -

  22. Just out of curiosity, how are bonuses typically paid for the half year after you start since normal 1st year programs start mid august. And what is considered 1st year? The july of the year you start to july the next year? analyst bonus 1st Year First Ye ...

    1 comment12 Oct 2017 -

  23. Performance Bonuses

    Management Consulting

    All, I am diving into the Consulting world. I have a few questions regarding PBs. Deloitte 's offer, while having similar salary with MBB and OW, does not have performance bonuses. However, it does have a significantly higher signing bonuses. (you st ...

    1 comment9 Sep 2014 -

  24. When do bonuses get paid out?

    Investment Banking

    I think I read tons of threads talking about the numbers, but I still don't know when these bonuses are getting paid out. How do banks usually handle this matter? When can I expect to receive my bonus as I'll be starting in August? Investment Ba ...

    1 comment28 May 2014 -