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Hey guys,

Is there a prestige that comes with certain development shops? I notice certain company names make people's eyes light up, like Hines, Jamestown, TCR which is mostly because of the renowned projects they have worked on. However, is it safe to say that, like going to a top school, working at a top development firm holds a level of prestige?

47 comments 27 Jan 2020 - madridkds

I'm a fourth year analyst working in Valuation & Advisory at a mid-large sized shop in San Diego. I've always wanted to move to the big apple and was hoping to gain some insight on how easy the transition might be. I attended a non-target school (3.5 GPA) and I recently obtained my state certified general appraiser license. Any advice helps. Thanks!

1 comment 12 Nov 2019 - SANDIEGOCRE123

I've recently been invited for a final round superday with Eastdil Secured. I've been told that the interview will be behavioral fit based with an excel test. I'll be given a case and asked to build an income statement, amortization schedule, and provide valuation metrics. I've got a pretty good grasp of the concepts but would love to know if anyone can provide some case studies with assumptions in order to practice. Also any insight and interview advice would be much appreciated. Cheers

3 comments 27 Sep 2019 - moneymagnet11

Hey y'all,

I am heading into the interview process for an REPE firm based in Chicago (Think: Harrison St./Walton St./LaSalle). The current position offering would be for a first year analyst position within the firm.

3 comments 18 Sep 2019 - Fuhnance is WACC

@WallStreetOasis.com" has been invaluable to me since I decided 5 years ago to make a career change into commercial real estate (from non finance) so its my turn to give back. I hope my story can help some people. ####Background * Extreme non-target school (undergrad and MBA) * Worked 10 years in non-finance employment (and unemployment as a stay at home parent), did some entrepreneurial ventures * Got a CRE brokerage job in secondary market from a different city.

17 comments 19 Jul 2019 - luv2speed

I'm currently employed at an institutional RE firm in Toronto. You could even consider it REPE. My position is "Investment Analyst". I'd like to work in the United States one day (New York, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Chicago).

Would firms even consider me as a potential candidate? I am not American - I can only imagine that it would be impossible for me to get employment while Trump is president. Would it even be possible if Trump is not re-elected in 2020? What was the environment like before 2016?

1 comment 26 Jun 2019 - Toronto CRE Mandem