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We are a small firm raising a first time fund and are just beginning to build out the back office. Taking cost into account, should we just use Dropbox for document storage/sharing or are there better offerings available? 

0 comments 11 Sep 2020 - jmuggastacks

Not a troll. I know I'm just not cut out for high finance. I don't mind working less even if it means getting paid less, but I often hear how bad back office is. There has to be at least one person happy being at the back office. So, does anyone here work in Ops and would be happy to discuss getting the role?

11 comments 19 May 2020 - x_0

Hey guys I would love some input on which job to take. Here's a bit of background on myself. I'm in between 2 job offers right now. One is a Big 4 tech consulting gig and the other being BB ops. I go to a target school in the south and I'm graduating with an MS and BBA in accounting, my GPA is in the low 3's but I have some pretty solid internships under my belt including one as summer analyst at a boutique . Ideally, I would have liked to have gotten an offer in investment banking, but I'm sure my GPA is what kept me from getting the interviews.

3 comments 08 Jan 2020 - Forty two

I'm a recent finance graduate from a "non-target" with a 4.0 GPA. I've had a WM internship at a BB in NYC and also worked part time at my school's endowment fund doing ER for the portfolio. I was the only person at the WM internship to get a return offer, which I turned down because I knew I wanted to pursue research roles. For the last year, I applied to any relevant job posting that didn't require experience and got 3 interviews (a boutique HF, a MM FoF and a top consulting firm (MBB).

6 comments 30 Sep 2019 - moose197

Does anyone have any experience with Enterprise wide PE Taxation software, specifically software or systems that generate K-1's for limited partners. My experience and observations tell me its always heavily custom Excel workbooks/models with lots of manual intervention and ad hoc rules by exception.

Its either a big four like Pwc, EY, or Deloitte working with in-house shop to crank these K-1's out. I googled and saw an intriguing promo by eFront, but I am not familiar with and have no hands on familiarity.

Thanks, any thoughts welcome, good, bad or ugly.

1 comment 16 May 2019 - Robb-Rafferty

Given the fact that I come from extreme non-target up in Canada I decided to start networking and getting to know the finance community proactively. I met plenty of people in all types of roles and industries imaginable. By using LinkedIn and personal conversations to find out more about their early career paths I was able to create a spreadsheet to try to see if they have anything in common. I excluded people who made it to front office through family connections and those who are very old because it's too difficult to pinpoint their beginnings back in the 60's or 70's.

3 comments 28 Oct 2018 - MissingUsername