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So, i am in my 2 year of university (top university) studying finance and i am looking to get into sales and trading after i finish university.

It would be very helpful if some of you can answer me to some questions:

What internships schould i take?

Is it worth it ?

What else should i apart getting an internship and make an strong CV

4 comments 30 Aug 2020 - costinbogdin3

Hi peeps,
I am a first year analyst in the world of equity exotics structuring. Its a nice field for a fresher to understand the world of derivatives but I am worried if this job has any long term career prospects, especially when compared to more sought after jobs like equities Sales and trading. Can anyone please guide me on this role? Very few people seem to discuss this here (or anywhere).
Also I would like to know about any exit opportunities out of this role.

5 comments 10 Apr 2020 - Iamexotic

Hey All, I've been on WSO for a while since my college year, and now I think it's a good time to give back. Background: I graduated from a semi-target school as a Stats major with minor in CS, interned in a BB (S&T), failed to get a return offer, and then luckily ended up in another BB. Currently I'm a second year analyst on a Rates/Currency/Credit derivatives trading desk. I'm pretty open to any questions, and will try my best to answer!

36 comments 02 Mar 2020 - muxi41114

Hey guys,

I was fortunate enough to receive S&T offers from CS (Equity) and GS (Equity & FICC) Sales and Trading.
I am more interested in macro products (hence FICC), but also concerned that GS S&T business has been quite sluggish and therefore FT offer rates might be low. In terms of culture, I think I can fit in both.

Would very much appreciate any input for me to make an informed decision. Thank you!

3 comments 12 Dec 2019 - dkwkdk


I'm currently interning in PWM at a BB. I'd like to move to S&T or AM next summer. How hard will this be? I recently looked through Outlook and found that I have contact info for everyone at the firm.

My boss already said he'd support me doing this, and can reach out/back me up for this move.

My GPA is really really bad, but I've been working hard, and my current boss likes me quite a bit.

5 comments 14 Jun 2019 - MidlengthAlbum

Hey, guys. I am an incoming S&T summer analyst at UBS London. I wish to get a return offer for my summer internship. I am wondering what are the ways to improve my chance of getting a return offer? I have read on other posts about adding values to the desk. However, what are some of the specific ways you can add value? If you were a trader, what would you like see me doing?

5 comments 14 Jun 2019 - Wanderful

I understand that in investment banking, you have a very hierarchal structure in terms of dynamics with other people, and the tasks you're assigned to do, but S&T is more of a flat structure. How much autonomy does this mean you have on each desk, whether it's sales or trading, as an analyst in particular. I understand as a market-making trader, you would have more autonomy as you have to decide which trades to take on and which ones not to in terms of profitability and risk management, but how far does this extent? And how much autonomy do you have as a sales analyst?

4 comments 14 Mar 2019 - gonline47