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Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new to the site; found it while researching some questions related to B-School admissions and really enjoyed some of the content. Anyhow, I saw plenty of users looking for more info on management consulting and thought I'd make myself available. I spent two years in Deloitte's S&O practice in DC working with Federal clients (mostly in the health care space). I then did some time at Booz Allen Hamilton, where I largely supported DoD clients but dabbled in some commercial work as well.

I'm happy to answer any questions: breaking into consulting, federal vs. commercial work, living in DC area, exit opps, whatever.

44 comments 02 Mar 2018 - SpeedAKL

I'm just curious...has anybody interviewed with them before? If so, what was your experience? What have they asked? I'm just curious since I've heard they're not too hard to candidates after they have already been pre-selected.

16 comments 28 Sep 2015 - Rodgers

As a soon to be college graduate, I was wondering how these three (Deloitte Federal S&O vs. PwC Federal Advisory vs. Booz Allen Hamilton) stack up against one another in terms of prestige, experience, exit opportunities, etc. for someone who is looking to be hired as a first year analyst/associate out of undergrad--and as one who is entering the federal consulting space in the DC area specifically. I know all three have their tradeoffs, but was wondering if I could hear about some first-hand experience of someone who has spent some time with any of the companies--or what you've heard/seen.

15 comments 11 Nov 2014 - WMTribe1

Hey everyone,

Because salary reporting sites such as Glassdoor lumps salaries for their positions (consultant, associate, etc.), I've been finding it rather difficult to find salaries for specific disciplines/fields. Can anyone point me to where I can find more salary info for entry level Applications Programmer Consultants? Or, what the current market's general salary ranges are? Specifically, I'm looking at 2012 and 2012.

Thank you!

Edited: Added a specific position title; clarified first sentence.

0 comments 30 Nov 2012 - seanj