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I am at a mid-tier BB looking to lateral to another BB with a very strong TMT group. Currently in a great retail group but am staying on A2A and looking to change sectors. From research i've done it seems like this is the consensus in terms of deal flow (M&A) and street reputation.


1.) GS

2.) JPM/MS 

-Know that the Media Com group is extremely strong at JPM, don't know a ton about MS 


4.) Citi/BAML 

5.) CS 

6.) DB/Barclays/UBS 


Appreciate any insight anyone has into top performing TMT groups (BB). 

28 comments 11 Sep 2020 - jesshealthcare…

Hoping some of the older guys can provide guidance here.

I have the chance to accept an analyst offer for a CMBS Originations role at a BB in NYC. Eventually, I would like to pursue an Associate role in REPE. Will taking a job in CMBS alter my chances of receiving an offer at a MF or top-tier shop? What are common exit ops for an CMBS analyst at a BB?

2 comments 14 Aug 2020 - Burner2016

Hey there, all you cool cats and kittens, it's NetworkingNinja here, and it's story time.

Background: East coast non-target. Third-year analyst at a west coast LMM PE shop. Below market pay, demanding hours, all-around toxic culture.

Needless to say, I'm looking for new opportunities, especially given the increased flexibility in my schedule while working from home. I've cast a wide net of PE and IB positions (yes I would consider IB given the potential to join as an associate and take a significant bump in pay).

4 comments 30 Jul 2020 - NetworkingNinja

I have heard mixed thoughts on this from senior people. Some seem to say they don't care about your GPA once you have interned at a firm/got the job...and it should not be included on your resume after you graduate...some say it should be included on your resume after you graduate? There is no requirement from the firm saying you need to list your GPA on your resume after you got the job.

10 comments 03 Jun 2020 - ludacrisboy37

Hi, hoping to see if anyone has insight or access to information that sheds insight on the top healthcare groups on the street? Are there certain firms that outperform in this area over others?

I understand there are various verticals and sectors in Healthcare and some firms may outperform others in that particular area but was hoping to see overall wise, which firms would be the strongest in the Healthcare space for an overall healthcare investment banking experience.

From research and previous threads it seems top groups HC overall:

25 comments 02 Jun 2020 - investmentbankingaj

Both industries are interesting and have a lot of developments happening within them. I know that Technology and Healthcare go hand in hand often - does this mean that the Healthcare group will cover a healthcare technology company or would that be covered by the Technology group, does anyone have any insight into how this works?

3 comments 01 Jun 2020 - investmentbankingaj

Hi! I wanted to see if anyone knows how to get or view rankings of each particular industry group at each Bulge Bracket. We are always discussing which groups are best at each firm, is there a database that logs all this information or where we can see concrete results like Bloomberg or something?

Does anyone have any insight to the following groups at the following firms? **Firms: BAML, BARCLAYS, CITI
**Groups: Healthcare, Industrials, TMT, Consumer/Retail **

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