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Using a throwaway account for obvious reasons...I'm in my late 20s and have a mid-level corporate job. I worked on Wall Street (being vague here on purpose and no I'm not a 3rd year IB analyst) for a couple years after college than moved into corporate hoping for better hours and a better lifestyle. Yes there are some things about Wall Street I was happy to be rid of (e.g., true all-nighters, insane client requests, being your own 2 AM graphics dept, etc.). However, overall corporate has been largely disappointing. Here are my biggest gripes -

7 comments 12 Aug 2020 - other_account_123

I wanted some advice on a career change I am working towards - I am an engineer and want to move into either Asset Management or investment banking, also open to management consulting. I've completed both a masters in electrical engineering and recently completed a masters in Finance from Harvard extension school . My question is - for all of you who might have made similar career changes - did you take a pay cut when making the change? From all I've looked into at glassdoor it looks like I might have to do that if I'm starting off as an analyst. (I was making 6 figures as an engineer).

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Hi there,

I am an international tax consultant at Big 4 now. I was a financial reporting and assurance track student during my undergrad as well as master program. However, I ended up in tax anyhow. After several months' experience, I still think tax is not a good fit for me. Now I am looking for a job in equity research as I really love doing fundamental analysis of companies from their financial reports. I have tried to apply for several openings but things do not work well so far.

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I graduated UCLA in 2011, studied Economics and English Lit... 3.6 GPA. I worked for the Economics Department in IP Research and was a TA as a undergrad senior. My sophomore year in school, I was offered a modeling contract and used full-time modeling and an academic scholarship to pay off school. I also interned with a financial planner for a summer after graduation. I am agency-represented and have been very successful modeling, and because I developed a very large network in that industry, I have been working as a model for a couple years since graduation.

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I'm an undergrad at LSE - studying Stats with Finance - and will graduate in Summer 2013.

I am very confused about what to do with my life.

My CV is highly finance/mathematics focused, but I have really lost interest in the financial markets during my time at LSE.

I originally wanted to be an Actuary - so enrolled in BSc Actuarial Science. I then realised (after studying the actuarial modules) that its incredible boring/too mathematical for my liking and also networked with Actuaries - realised it wasn't for me at all.

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Hey guys,

I have been lurking on here for a while, and this is my first post.

I have two internship offers this fall ( couldn't find anything spectacular). There both at BB in PWM. I really can't decide which one would be more beneficial or rewarding, and was hoping to get some input.

The first internship would be me working under management. The financial advisers essentially would be our clients. I was told I would be putting on events, and would help scheduling conferences. I am not 100% sure what this would entail.

The second internship would be working with a team of financial advisers, helping with powerpoints, some excel work, and word. No cold calling. The prospects would essentially be our clients.

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