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As a Consultant in the UK, a lot of the projects I'm assigned to are either in London or large towns and cities. In my experience, the majority of clients I've worked with are probably confined to 5 cities/towns

6 comments 06 Apr 2020 - n166

Currently based in NY and our team have a large presence in those 3 cities (LA, Chi Town, Dallas) -- if you had the opportunity to relocate to one of those cities, which would it be? Putting all other circumstances aside, let's put yourselves in the shoes of a single 28-year-old male looking to enjoy the single life but envisions to settle down 5-7 years down the road. Other things to consider: cost of living, quality of life, women, etc.


58 comments 28 Apr 2018 - seville

Obviously, when you think of banking, everyone knows the powerhouses are NYC, London, and HK but I was wondering where Toronto and Canada compare. With the Canadian dollar being worth less than the USD and Toronto being less of a financial hub than NYC, obviously, the salaries would be a bit lower. Which city is most comparable to Toronto in terms of comp and financial importance? I've heard it compared to other cities in the US like Chicago or Boston, how true is this?

5 comments 09 Jan 2018 - sheperd99

NYC and SF look to be the top placement cities for almost all the MBA programs. What other cities fall into the top tier of business opportunities for MBAs? DC? Chicago? Toronto? Boston? Dallas/Houston? Atlanta? LA?

I am considering a relocation from western Canada and wondering if there is anywhere worth going with a lot of action and no ridiculous cost of living like SF/NYC. Chicago has always attracted me and I've recently been blown away by how much Toronto has developed.

166 comments 30 Sep 2016 - lawstudent400

Okay - I know Portland has year-round snowboarding, but in general, what other cities offer skiing/snowboarding for a lot of the year (think 8-9 months maybe?). Something where I can drive to a mountain under an hour and snowboard after work, wknds, etc.

I'm thinking for when I a) burn out or b) take a year off before bschool.

12 comments 10 Nov 2010 - weeds499

Hey Guys,

I'm looking into management consulting as a career and I was wondering what cities have mainstream management consulting offices. while i'm going to college in the northeast right now (princeton), i'm originally from the south and i enjoy that part of the country more, so south/west coast cities would be preferred.

also, would it be an advantage or a disadvantage to mention this in my interview (when i do them next year)? on one hand, it could make me look like an overly picky bitch, but then i figured that most of their applicants would prefer to stay in the northeast, and they probably have to foist people into the satellite offices. so could it actually be to my benefit to mention my willingness to live there?


42 comments 03 Oct 2010 - peacerenity

The consensus, U.S. city among guys seems to be Los Angeles. Great weather, beaches, laid-back lifestyle, hot women. Among international cities, Hong Kong and Paris seem really fun if you're wealthy.

131 comments 05 Apr 2010 - Derivatives