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Is there a good way to verify emails without having to pay for some service or being limited by usage rates. I used to use mailtester_com/index_php and it worked like a charm, but it seems that they have overhauled their website and put the API behind a paywall. I tried some other services but they were quite inaccurate. 

Any suggestions?

3 comments 23 Sep 2020 - duke_monkey

Hello All,

I am planning to apply for consulting position at MBB. Is it better to cold email HR department or consultant/associate/partner?

I am an experienced hire, and so I missed the benefit of info session in school. I would like to get everyone's suggestion on best approach to land an interview with MBB.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

3 comments 15 Jun 2020 - Grinding to be MBB

I was wondering if I should follow up with another email after I cold emailed an analyst asking for a brief networking phone call. Wait one week?
Someone once told me not to even bother with following up with analysts.

2 comments 25 Mar 2020 - L. B. jOhnson

I have two email templates for two scenarios that need critiquing. I'm still trying to get a banking related internship (have other opps as backups) for the summer and there are a few boutiques in my area that I feel I could reach out to.

Scenario 1:

Found this person on LinkedIn, immediately became intrigued by their work, felt the need to reach out. The main problem here is I have no real connection to this person, other than the fact that they went to the school that I grew up rooting for. Also, I'm not sure if I should leave my resume attached.

Dear [person],

1 comment 14 May 2019 - treyforman42

I attend a non target, but i have been trying to network with alumni from schools in the same state.

Hello Mr/s. NAME,

My name is XYZ and I am a student at XYZ, majoring in finance. I am interested in investment banking and recently came across your firm.

I noticed that you also attended school in STATE. If you have the time, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your experience at XYZ COMPANY.

Best Regards,

10 comments 08 Apr 2019 - spade.Ives

I reached out to a lot of bankers in the summer with a short and fairly broad email temple. Something along the line of: "I'm a X year student at X school and was interested in learning about your experience in investment banking. Would you be open to answering some of my questions over a cup of coffee?" I actually noticed a decent amount of success from this template. But my question now is I need an internship and there's only so much time till I'm fucked.

2 comments 08 Mar 2019 - Treway

Hi guys,

I'm a freshman at a non-target currently interning at PWM. However, it is extremely unfulfilling as all I do is cold call so now I am trying to obtain a new internship for this summer. I'm targeting investment banking boutiques and hedge funds. Below is what I include in my email.

Hello Mr/ Mrs. ...

I hope all is well.

10 comments 05 Mar 2018 - ynwmelly

Good morning monkeys! I started building a list of firms in my area (50+ miles) . My goal is it to network into a investment analyst position at a small firm by next summer. The problem is that the number of firms in my area is extremely small! So what happens when "the well runs dry?". There are less than 15 in my immediate area. I would go out of state for the summer in a heartbeat but this would mean the pay would have to be enough for me to support myself in that time frame. Thoughts on this?

1 comment 04 Oct 2017 - Bayoumonkey