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  2. MBB vs. Deloitte S&O

    Management Consulting

    Wanted to get general thoughts on leaving an MBB firm as a well performing consultant to join Deloitte 's S&O practice as a manager. I have substantial previous experience in a practice they are trying to grow and will have strong access to firm ...

    52 comments9 Feb 2017 -

  3. MBB to PE time frame?

    Management Consulting

    I've read that PE recruiting for BB analysts occurs very early in their tenures. Do candidates from MBB applying for more operational roles interview at the same time (~18 months prior to starting at a fund)? If so, I would imagine this doesn't ...

    26 comments17 Apr 2015 -

  4. Hey you guys, I'm a 4th year PhD student in biomedical engineering trying to explore her career options. Could some of you comment on applicants from the US applying to European offices (amsterdam/brussels/london)? I did my undergrad at an ivy league ...

    20 comments23 Feb 2018 -

  5. MBB wait list: chances and advice?

    Management Consulting

    I am an undergrad and recently found out that I was waitlisted for a full-time position. I don't know when I'll hear back, but my understanding is that the firm is waiting to finish up interviews with other schools. Does anyone have experience w ...

    10 comments12 Apr 2019 -

  6. Big 4 above Bain and BCG?

    Management Consulting

    eFinancialcareers published an article where they surveyed 6,500 consulting professionals globally on the ideal professional services firms to work for and the Big 4 surpass both Bain and BCG. The Big 4 consulting practices have gained a lot of prestige i ...

    11 comments26 Feb 2016 -

  7. I'm currently a 22 y/o student, graduating in 2 years with a healthcare-related degree (NOT an MD) at a non-target, who is interested in pursuing some non-traditional routes- I'm currently considering Consulting, IBD / PE / HF / VC. I've be ...

    7 comments6 Oct 2014 -

  8. Bain PE vs. BCG Fit

    Management Consulting

    Consulting; MBB Salary ...

    5 comments9 Jan 2016 -

  9. 710 GMAT Enough for consulting?

    Management Consulting

    *consulting Consulting; MBB ...

    5 comments9 Mar 2015 -

  10. 2016 MBB New Hire: What's next?

    Management Consulting

    I will be starting at an MBB next year. Any resources/advice on what I should start thinking about as I enter my first year in a few months? I have no prior consulting experience and am not sure what I would like to do long-term. If there's a thread ...

    4 comments21 Nov 2015 -

  11. Deleted Consulting; MBB ...

    4 comments15 Jul 2015 -

  12. The Social Aspect at IB vs MBB?

    Management Consulting

    Hi there, I have often heard about how at the analyst level at investment banks, although the hours are brutal and one would be hard-pressed to find any time to hang out with non-work friends, you develop great and close relationships with your fellow ana ...

    3 comments23 Feb 2018 -

  13. Interviewing for non-MBB first

    Management Consulting

    Let's say you are looking to get into consulting down the road. Obviously, getting into MBB is ideal. However, for first-time interviewers, wouldn't it be better to apply to other (non-MBB) firms maybe the year prior to when you actually want to ...

    3 comments22 Nov 2014 -

  14. How many buildings are in the US?

    Management Consulting

    How would you guys solve this market sizing q? I would first start with residential vs. commercial vs. industrial. However, I'm really not too sure if this is the best approach and would love any thoughts anyone may potentially have. I think my logic ...

    2 comments15 Dec 2015 -

  15. Guesstimates help!

    Management Consulting

    Hey guys, so I have an interview coming up with the MBB and was wondering what everyone's opinions on guesstimate questions is. The trouble I'm having is choosing the right approach to solve them e.g choosing between the detailed drill down or v ...

    2 comments29 Aug 2015 -

  16. MBB APD deadlines for London?

    Management Consulting

    Hey guys, I'm an APD candidate in the UK and was looking at the deadlines for application for London this Fall for MBB, McK in specific. Do you guys have any insight on why does McK have two deadlines so close to each other (end of Sept- end of Oct)? ...

    2 comments18 Aug 2015 -

  17. Hi Fellow Monkeys! I have some MBB Case Interviews starting in about 7 days and looking to get as many cases under my belt before then. Anybody want to give this Monkey a sample Case, as well as some critique as to how I did? PM me if:- If you have free t ...

    2 comments9 Apr 2015 -

  18. Tell hiring company about HBS?

    Management Consulting

    Hi fellow monkeys, I'm apply to a new job (consulting industry), with the hopes of starting in the Fall (August). Should I tell my potential future employer that I have deferred admission to HBS? Details: 1) 2013: Graduated College in & received ...

    2 comments7 Mar 2015 -

  19. Hey all, I am an advanced degree candidate in DC and looking for a case partner for the upcoming recruiting cycle. Hoping to find someone who's also an advanced degree candidate or MBA to practice with on weekends in the afternoon or evening, or week ...

    20 May 2015 -

  20. For someone with an M7 MBA interviewing with these firms for Associate/Consultant roles, do they still provide the ~25k signing bonus, etc. like they do with post-mba hires through campus recruiting? Primarily interested in McKinsey. Consulting; MBB Salar ...

    1 comment11 May 2015 -