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I'm looking to apply for an internship to MBB for summer 2021 as a junior. I go to Penn and am unsure when the deadlines are? I see McKinsey is late August/Sept, but particularly for Bain, I can't find it. There was one thing I looked at that said deadlines for Bain is the 12th for Dartmouth, which made me worry has Penn's deadline already passed?


14 comments 10 Jul 2020 - zman234

How impactful is networking outside of actually learning about the firms and their practices? I can see how knowing about firms will let you answer why consulting and why X firm much better, but I am curious if there are serious benefits outside of that and direct referrals.

I am thinking about this from a target school perspective since for a non-target networking is clearly essential.

Is more senior level networking better than associate/1-2 year experience networking?

Thanks in advance.

1 comment 03 Jul 2020 - OR415

Hey guys,

So I'm slated to graduate May 2022, but if COVID makes my school go online, I might take a semester off and graduate December 2022 instead. How will this impact recruiting for consulting?

Normally I would do Junior year internship summer 2021 and full time starting summer 2022. But if I graduate in December 2022, when will I do my internship/start full time? Will I do internship summer 2022 and start full time after I graduate (like I would if I'm graduating in 2023)?

8 comments 30 Jun 2020 - parmesan123123

Just saw on BCG's website that their AD consultant application deadline is delayed indefinitely . Also heard that some interview invites were put on hold until further notice. Does this mean that they are no longer reviewing applications or just simply giving candidates more time to apply? Saw on fishbowl that BCG might be doing worse compared to Bain and McKinsey - is there any truth to this?

13 comments 02 Jun 2020 - Grabflushpy


I am 19 years old, starting a BSc in Finance at a semi-target, and looking to network with recruiters from MBB firms. As the notion of networking is relatively new for me, do you have any recommendations as to how I should approach this? Which form of communication is optimal (LinkedIn, e-mails, and etc.)? Which questions should I ask in order to stand out? Most importantly, how can I utilise networking now in order to secure an internship in the near future (1-2 years)?

1 comment 28 May 2020 - lil_goldman1869

I'm doing a virtual internship at an MBB this summer and have received a FT offer, like all other MBB interns. Though I want to work at my firm after graduation, I am currently interning in a city that I do NOT want to live in (the FT offer is also for this city). Should I chat with the recruiter about potentially transferring offices sooner rather than later, or should I wait for the internship to conclude? Thanks!

2 comments 26 May 2020 - bigothrowaway

Hi! I have admits in Georgetown McDonough in their Master's in Management program and in Master's in Business Entrepreneurship and Technology by Waterloo. Both are 1 year long courses. I'm aiming at MBB for joining as an Analyst/Associate consultant. Can someone from the US/Canada help me choose the course, based on uni reputation, network, and visa hurdles I may face due to the pandemic?

1 comment 26 May 2020 - Sg9801

Hey chimps,

It's been nearly 2 years for me in MBB based in Dubai and have been thinking more and more about exiting - I feel seriously burned out (hours in the region are insane - finishing at midnight is considered a good project), had to work 20% of weekends this year and really sick of all travel. On top with C-19/Oil price crash it seems promotion might be not be as safe as it seemed 6m ago.

1 comment 19 May 2020 - Underdoge