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Interning at a MM and unsure if they'll drug test. The internship is now a virtual mentorship series and obviously there's a global pandemic. Are firms still making interns take drug tests? Were they even drug testing before the pandemic? It seems like a waste of time and resources to test for weed but would love to hear what format your internship was changed to and if you were drug tested.

14 comments 12 Jun 2020 - KG55

Anyone have updates on drug testing / Quest Diagnostics screenings? It’s a usual procedure, especially in NY, but I haven’t heard anything and it’s almost the end of May.

16 comments 22 May 2020 - anon_chimp

Searched through the forum but seems like drug test discussions are mostly focused in US offices.

Does anyone know if BB IBD Hong Kong offices perform drug tests (weed specifically) on new hires of summer analysts and analysts? Thanks ahead for any insights.

2 comments 06 Dec 2019 - finadude123

I have a contingent offer (including pre-employment drug test) for a corporate banking summer analyst internship. I reached out to HR and was told onboarding will be April/May. Is it safe to say the drug test will be at the same time as onboarding, then?

5 comments 10 Oct 2019 - naaaaaaahhhh

I recently signed a FT offer from an EB in a state where recreational weed is legal. I have nothing in my system but don't know whether my drug test will occur soon or in the months leading up to my start date next summer.

1 comment 10 Sep 2019 - GreenGorilla

Can someone please describe the drug screening process of incoming summer analysts? There have been previous posts, however, I figured they are outdated as summer recruiting is always getting pushed up. Answers have been all over the place. I've heard December, 1 month before start, or anytime before you start...

32 comments 24 Oct 2018 - John_Cena

Wondering if anyone received the background check/drug test after FT training started. (for regular M&A IB) I start in a few days, have received my signing bonus, sent in payroll and W-4 forms, etc. But somehow they never sent me any release for background or drug check.

I sent HR an email inquiring about it, but they ignored it. I just don't want to pester them again for fear of it looking extra sus.

1 comment 05 Jul 2018 - AkatsukiFNCE

Hey WSO - Another dreaded drug test post:

Passed a drug screen two months ago as part of a standard pre employment background check. Start in about a week. Am I correct in thinking that it is highly unlikely that they'd perform another screen on-site during the first week/orientation?

2 comments 04 Jul 2018 - OldManSachz

I have been going through the interview process for William Blair's summer internship Program (specifically PWM in Chicago) and just thought about the possibility of being drug tested. I may have a second interview in a couple weeks and was wondering if they could drug test before sending out offers (not just before starting the internship). I did use marijuana 2 weeks ago so I guess I'd just like to know if I need to start "detoxing" heavily now if they could test me before going back to school after Winter break. Thanks for any insight!

3 comments 03 Dec 2017 - BokettoLudic

Recently accepted an offer at a bulge bracket in NYC for next summer, and I wanted to find out if they drug test. Does anyone know which bulges drug test their incoming interns and which don't? PM me if you wanna know which one I'm referencing specifically.

5 comments 07 Nov 2017 - md