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  2. Incoming IB analyst, would like to know how you guys manage this. Are there special glasses you can buy solely for this purpose? Any other tips? I can sit still all day, but my eyes start to hurt. Thanks! eyeglasses Computer screen nutrition Salary ...

    29 comments12 Apr 2019 -

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    Have any of you guys recieved the incorrect prescription from your optometrist and your temple started throbbing after wearing the wrong glasses for a few days, Ive been dealing with this for a few months, and I am not sure when it will stop.Has anyone de ...

    3 comments27 Dec 2014 -

  4. November 7, 2011: Loan sharks have been a problem in the Western World for centuries. From traditional Vegas sharks to payday lenders, the poor have been subject to atrocities by creditors for years, despite government intervention. The situation today is ...

    1 comment6 May 2020 -