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Hello! I would love to learn what the average salary for a first year analyst at a Multi-Family Office would be in a major city... would MFOs and SFOs have similar pay given similar AUMs? How would it compare to IBD base salary? Thanks! 



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This is a 5 year old firm with 10 employees currently. If you go from Analyst to Partner in 10-15 years, do you think it'd be crazy to ask for equity? Currently I'm taking slightly under market analyst pay at a MFO with a very high growth rate and it's hard to see friends at 80-160k+ IB salaries all the time. The only reason it's worth saying at a small high margin firm is for that equity imo. Any thoughts or advice? CEO loves me. 

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I am a third-year analyst at a family office seeking advice on lateraling. We invest in core/core-plus assets around the country and AUM is north of $3B. Due to their permanent capital, the family (see IC) makes a lot of investment decisions based on the qualitative features of an asset (see trophy asset) rather than the returns analyses. Recently, things have gotten quite political at the office, which has resulted in high turnover and a huge drop in productivity. I don't see this going away soon and think it may be time to leave.

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Feedback is appreciated. I wanted to know what the thoughts are on going to be a PE analyst at a family office before moving to a larger MM or even a MF. If directly out of getting a masters in finance for pre MBA rebranding (part time) while working at TAS or smaller boutique shop, having the opportunity to go to a larger known bank vs a family office instead before MF. End goal is to be at a MF Private Equity firm. Thanks.

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I am 20 years old, with 1 year of business school before leaving to run personal businesses and work in research/technology journalism. No degree, and previous work experience was in research. I have since sold or delegated day to day management of my personal businesses.

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Hi everyone - I searched through the WSO database on relevant topics, but given some opportunities that came from headhunters recently on MSD (Michael Dell’s family office) and Wildcat Capital Management (David Bonderman), amongst others, I was hoping to get a better sense of what the work experience (e.g. lots of sourcing?), culture, and comp might be like at a junior or mid level for these kinds of family offices.

Any insight would be great, especially given they’re so lean and secretive.

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