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  2. Hello everyone- I recently realized that I want to apply for MBA programs in a year or two and was wondering about my chances at these top programs. Previously, I had been thinking about a PhD, but I think that an MBA is more up my alley and will help me ...

    31 comments17 Feb 2018 -

  3. HBS vs. Wharton for Investment Banking

    Business School and GMAT

    This is a little premature as I am still awaiting my round 1 decision from Wharton, but I was accepted to HBS on Wednesday and am more than pumped about the chance to attend Harvard. I am coming from a military background, and am interested in transitioni ...

    65 comments21 Dec 2014 -

  4. With the release of the HBS application today, b-school application season has officially begun. There are some huge changes here, but I will let you see for yourself. Here is the application as presented by Dee Leopold, Director of Admissions: Stage 1: W ...

    17 comments23 May 2012 -

  5. Tuck/Wharton/HBS

    Business School and GMAT

    I'm seeking data points to a serious 1st world problem- I received Rd 1 acceptance letters to HBS, Wharton and Tuck and am deciding where to go. Feel free to make jokes at my expense. Broad career goal is the financial side of energy/natural resource ...

    4 comments3 Jan 2015 -

  6. Buyside Continuity Threatened?

    Business School and GMAT

    Please spare the monkey s***....I ask this in response to the famous "Former MS M& A and KKR " thread. How much of a disadvantage is it to go to...GASP...Wharton instead of H/S for MBA if you're looking at megafunds or top MMs after bsc ...

    2 comments2 Jul 2011 -

  7. Happy Wednesday monkeys! I was just reading through this. Here are some interesting points: The East Coast attracted the largest amount of 2016 Wharton grads (about 235 in all, about 40% reported their base pay) The average base of these Wharton grads cam ...

    20 Apr 2017 -