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Hi all, I was let go due to restructuring at the beginning of the year. I'm trying to decide between an MBA and MS Financial Engineering. Looking to hopefully make the move to the buy-side in a trading/investment role and the job market has not been too kind lately.

Some background about myself.

  • Went to a non-target undergrad 

  • Spent 1 year on a bond desk and 2 years as an analyst on an equity derivatives desk at a large European bank

0 comments 28 Aug 2020 - GradSchool Question

Would someone with actual work experience at a MM platform (Millennium/Citadel/P72/BAM or similar) be kind enough to offer a high-level overview of common techniques that are used to contain (a) portfolio volatility and (b) draw downs, to the platform's required parameters for a pod? I am thinking L/S equity but feedback from any strategy (e.g. macro) would be great.


Thank you!

15 comments 24 Aug 2020 - desemi4

Hi guys, 

I'm an average undergrad student(20 yo) from an average uni in Bangalore, India. 

GPA - 7.5, 2 internships in wealth management ( not well-known firms), 1 on-going internship in quantitative finance( not a well-known frim). I'll be writing CFA L1, feb 2021. yet to take the GMAT, I'll probably get around 680-700.  I've completed a bunch of Insidesherpa virtual experience modules and I'm doing 2 courses on coursera ( python and investment management). I've recently started to trade penny stocks with a small sum, I'd like to take this forward too. 

4 comments 23 Aug 2020 - yusufxzy

Have any of you guys heard from your funds about potential return timelines for coming back into the office? My office was originally supposed to have some traders return back next week but now that's been pushed back indefinitely. Originally the plan was to have everyone back by September but it doesn't seem like that will happen without a vaccine or some form of herd immunity. It would be great to get some insight from people at other funds as i'm sure they are all following similar plans.

2 comments 07 Jul 2020 - KrisHumphries69

Currently an analyst with approx 6 months left on OPT. What happens to international students who don't get the h1-b visa? Are firms generally good with transferring people to other offices (assuming it's an EB/BB)?

Also interested to hear if internationals in the US have been able to exit into PE/HF roles? Haven't seen this at my EB even though most Americans exit. Any insights would be much appreciated.

65 comments 28 Apr 2020 - crickethelper111

Thinking about current-day situation with coronavirus and future growth prospects, I am leaning towards the fintech environment. Would be great to hear your thoughts about established fintech firms like broadridge, Nasdaq, or even hedge funds like D.E. Shaw that have a fintech focus?

1 comment 26 Apr 2020 - quarantineduser

I finally joined the Oasis. I was asked to take a moment to introduce myself and point out my reasons for joining. Unlike most of the individuals here, I'm not from a front office background. I started my career in the back office in Fund Accounting/Fund Financial Reporting, then worked my way up a leadership role in AML Compliance. I'm from Toronto, Canada. Also, I may be a bit older than most of the members (34). Rest assured, I don't have any intentions of going into the front office. As they say," the ship has sailed."

1 comment 25 Feb 2020 - AL-Z