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Hey guys, prospective intern here interested in Aerospace & Defense IB. Wanted to ask if anyone had any knowledge on which banks are generally considered top in the A&D space.


7 comments 16 Jun 2020 - backoutpls

I know some of the top EBs like Lazard don't hire international students, and with some other firms like Centerview I'd imagine the 3-year program could be a problem because internationals (if they STEM-majored, tho Econ is classified STEM for visa purposes at most top schools) usually have max 3 years of work authorisation and some of that is used up over summer roles.

tl;dr does anyone know which (or any) of the EBs hire international kids?

1 comment 29 Sep 2019 - SouvlakiHotelFoxtrot

Hi all,

How can you answer "why boutique" when asked in an interview? I'm thinking of going with the learning opportunity coupled with the additional responsibility. Would love to know your thoughts.


1 comment 11 Jun 2019 - TheAvenged

Hi all,

Why would I want to ever be at Moelis NYC? What are some good things about the place outside the fact that it's generalist across product and group?

Thanks in advance

5 comments 11 Jun 2019 - TheAvenged

It seems that Moelis & Co. is what GS used to be like back in the day: small, tight knit group focused on M&A, longest hours, strategic focus on building its brand and developing a strong reputation, etc.

8 comments 14 Jun 2018 - intlcomm

Looking for something interesting/relevant to watch or listen to in downtime. I really enjoy watching interviews with successful finance professionals such as Buffet, Dalio, Moelis, Icahn, etc.. Not interested so much in their stances on current market outlook but more so on their life-stories, advice, and so on. It is obvious, but these individuals' experiences allow them to deliver simple yet insightful statements, which can be of great value. Let me know if you guys know of any specific videos/docs/podcasts that you think are worth giving a good listen. Appreciate it.

4 comments 27 Mar 2018 - yz1455792

This summer I accepted an offer at a MM (Jefferies/WF/RBC), which I was initially very excited about. While I still believe it to be a great opportunity, I cannot shake the though of possibly lateraling to an EB like Moelis or Evercore. There is one reason, besides the fact that they are more prestigious shops, which has driven me to this recurring mindset, and that is the lean nature of these banks.

2 comments 07 Dec 2017 - A12345654321

Hey guys,

So I know people have explained what PCA is on here, but can I get some insights about what an analyst does day to day? I know that the group focuses on raising money for funds and also advising funds on whether to sell their assets off or not but what specifically does the analyst do to support the process?

Financial modeling to determine value of potential sell/purchase assets/interests owned by clients?
Marketing materials to raise funds for clients?
Market/industry research to support clients investment thesis?

7 comments 29 Sep 2017 - iFindValue

What is the status on this? HR told me that first rounds are video interviews the week of Aug 21st, but that was about a month ago. Has anyone non-diversity heard back?

3 comments 17 Aug 2017 - Emperorᅚ