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  2. I didn't get a full time IBD offer from a BB this summer. What is the best way to spin it in a future interview if it comes up? Lie and say you have an offer? Say you didn't think culture/job is for you? Or say you didn't get an offer but s ...

    47 comments13 Aug 2009 -

  3. There are so many people on this forum who are talking about how they got interviews and offers. Like, ya'll just post about how you're going to have an interview and act like it's not going to bother anybody. I don't have any offers. ...

    16 comments12 Mar 2019 -

  4. How to phrase no offer

    Sales and Trading

    Hi all, Did a S&T internship at a BB but did not receive a return offer. Was very clear why: I was not enthusiastic about the job (very true). Not upset other than the fact I have less leverage for FT recruiting. Question: I've heard that, if in ...

    5 comments15 Aug 2016 -

  5. Summer Analyst Decision

    Investment Banking

    Does anyone know when is the last day for summer analyst to accept their offers? no offer bb sa ibd ...

    5 comments30 Sep 2014 -