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Hi all,

I have an interview in January with OC&C London.
What type of cases should I expect?
Do you know which are their typical behavioural questions?
I have been Googling but I have not been able to find much. Any information is appreciated!


3 comments 02 Jan 2020 - flyinggiraffe


In a couple of days, I have to make a decision for my first job after graduating. I have currently 2 offers (Both in Istanbul/Turkey) from OC&C (Associate Consultant) and Unilever (MT Position for Supply Chain). I know these are completely different positions in different industries.

3 comments 10 Jul 2018 - Bist100

I'm considering my applications for next year and am trying to do some research. Heard they specialize in retail and tech, and are big in London, but other than that I can't find much information on the firm and was wondering if anyone had any interesting insights?

14 comments 15 Feb 2011 - chump

I have a friend who is trying to decide between Oliver Wyman FS & OC&C. She's undecided about what she wants to do in the future (not that interested in an MBA and not too interested in going into financial services). Exits seem to be a big concern.



6 comments 14 Nov 2010 - concernedincambridge