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While the Point72 2020 Academy Summit (New York) will be moved to a virtual format, it would be great to hear the experiences of those who previously attended the event in recent years. Any and all information is welcome, particularly in regard to priority/accelerated recruitment for the Point72 Academy internship program. Thank you in advance.

5 comments 15 Mar 2020 - BearLeh

Hello there - what is the fundamental difference between Bridgewater, AQR and Point72 besides the AUM? I am more interested in how these 3 funds are fundamentally different and how a potential investor decides to invest in, let's say, Bridgewater vs AQR vs Point72.


2 comments 19 Apr 2018 - justanotherguy…

Hey guys,
Recently read an article about Point72's unique academy program that basically pays undergraduates to take classes for the first 15 months. Does anybody know the compensation that first year academy students, and first year analysts receive at Point72 and how it compares to bulge bracket banks (Goldman, MS, JP). I tried looking it up but there is little information on it. How do the exit opps compare?

10 comments 05 May 2016 - gdang123

I recently applied for Point72's Academy Summer Analyst Position through their website. A little over a day later, I received an email inviting me to participate in their candidate vetting process by taking a ~10 minute online cognitive reasoning assessment. Does anyone have any experience taking this assessment or with the SA recruiting process for Point72 in general? Any help would be appreciated.

9 comments 07 Jan 2016 - katsuge5