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Hi all !

I am a Junior Power trader (prop only) in a small european boutique ! I trade power in different countries on a short term basis (days and weeks).
On this time frame, weather is king ! I have basis in weather understanding but I can't properly explain a move from one forecast run to another - which seems normal as super computers run half a day for each run...

8 comments 02 Apr 2019 - doudounovic

Hi all, I´ve started recently as a power trader and was wondering if you could recommend some resources (or write any comments) on various trading strategies possible in the electricity market.
I tried searching on the forum here and there are few people with experience in energy trading, so hopefully I´ll get some answers (I found several discussions on power, but nothing detailed, except some info on DA vs RT and FTRs).

12 comments 27 Dec 2017 - Mr.Kurtz

As the title says, I'm an engineer and I'm dying to get into power trading.
Theres a posting locally for a real time trader and for the first time in my search, it doesn't have prior trading history as a requirement. So obviously, I want to knock this out of the park. This could be my only shot!

Cover letter needs to work, but I've attached it anyways to see what folks think.

Please, tear it apart!

1 comment 27 Mar 2016 - jmart21

Does anybody have an example of a product (physical or financial) that changed its structure of trading periods from a fixed time trading window to a continuous trading model? (ie: moving from a daily or hourly trading structure to a continuous one like global FX)

The reason I am asking this is that I am interested in studying the effect of spot power markets moving from an hourly trading granularity towards smaller trading intervals (half-hourly, quarters & even 5 mins intervals).

3 comments 09 Dec 2014 - 16rl

A little about myself, graduated 2 years ago from b-school in the northeast with a finance degree. Originally had planned to go the Asset Management route, passed CFA Level I etc, wound up in the power trading industry after a internship and got a full time gig shortly after. Ask away.

55 comments 20 Jul 2014 - F430

We have increasingly been seeing headlines such as the "death of utilities" due to renewable energy and distributed generation (most recently in regards to Tesla's Giga Factory), but no one ever seems to address how this may affect the trading shops. I have limited knowledge in this area and hope to provoke some of the more experienced energy professionals on this site. Perhaps one could look at how physical power desks in Germany have fared over the past decade?

2 comments 11 Mar 2014 - DankyKong

Interested in finding out as much as I can about trading FTR's. Specifically OTC. How much activity is there in the OTC market compared to trading through PJM? Can these trades be brokered or does the Nodal auctions defeat the purpose of a broker. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

4 comments 01 Apr 2013 - MMC3587

I got an offer for 125K at a mid sized power trading firm in houston, and they say they'll give 35K ore more in bonuses, but of course bonuses are conditional on the floor performance.
I have about 3 years of experience in this sector, and I have no idea of what I can negotiate from here, anyone with insights of what someone with comparable experience gets in houston for this role?

5 comments 18 Mar 2013 - lambertoscar

I am currently working at a F100 tech company looking to break into an entry level real time power trader position or scheduler or analyst type position focusing on power markets. With that said I am looking to obtain power certifications. I was wondering what are the most useful certifications NERC/PJM and etc and how difficult are the these exams from a non-energy backround? Also what study materials are there for these exams? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


1 comment 07 Feb 2013 - AV1623