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I have an offer from a Quant Division at a solid Bank. I have a few interviews at one MBB and a few other tier 2 shops (Think OW, S&, LEK, Deloitte S&O). I've put a ton of prep into consulting and want that more than anything (even though the pay is substantially less). My offer is expiring relatively soon and I don't have a single consulting offer and dont anticipate any before my offer expires.

3 comments 17 Sep 2020 - Bobshane121

Going into my junior year at a non-target, I was curious what the best department to intern with at a big 4 that can help lead to moving to strategy or management consulting roles. This is largely in the case that I do not get any internships at any MBB or boutique strategy firm. Pivoting from an internship at EY into EY-P or PwC to Strategy& seems like a decent alternative, but I am not sure which department would be best to intern with first.

0 comments 24 Aug 2020 - spencerross

Fellow Monkeys,

I've occassionally followed WSO threads since university and there's been some good advice. I'm sensing a blocker and can do with thoughts from the consulting community/looping in with those in strategy consulting for a view.

I've been working in FS implementation consulting for nearly 3 years, focusing on 'transformation' projects. Mostly operational; think process optimisation, digital transformation / trading ops improvement roles. My work is delivery-orientated, working with clients to solve ops challenges on the ground.

1 comment 29 May 2020 - monkey621

I believe this has been done here before, but I'm a recently resigned Strategy& employee creating this AMA. I recently posted the below review on Glassdoor which sums up my thoughts, but happy to take questions. Great potential, tragically horrible execution ###Pro’s 1. If you are a favorite of the right Partners/Directors - or if you're lucky - you will work on McKinsey-caliber projects solving incredibly interesting, complex problems at the Board/C-suite level 2.

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I am coming from an academic background and I am contemplating moving into strategy consulting. I attended a recent event at an MBB's office and received encouraging indications that I should move forward.

The MBB is trying to grow its practice in this Tier II city, which is closest to my school.

However, my boyfriend and I want to do be able to begin living together, and that's likely in a particular Tier 1 city.

2 comments 18 May 2018 - AcademicCreature

This is my take, and I've included some basic commentary about why I've listed certain firms in certain places. I'm definitely interested in hearing what people think, but before I give the list I offer two disclaimers:

  1. This is what I think the landscape CURRENTLY looks like. 5 or 10 years ago I would've had some of these firms in very different places on the list (and excluded some of them entirely)
  2. This is based on prestige for the US market. Things are of likely different in Europe or elsewhere

Anyway here we go.

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I have always wondered this. Why does Bain seem to be so far behind in recruiting advanced degree candidates compared to McKinsey and BCG? The perception, at least at my school, has become that Bain just really doesn't want to take the risk of hiring them.

But that would mean that (in my opinion), they are losing out competitively in hiring the best & smartest. Also, as their reputation becomes more and more solidified as not being APD-friendly, people will lose interest in applying there as well. Would love to hear some thoughts on this.

4 comments 19 Apr 2016 - misternysguy