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Hi everyone, 

I got invited to the GS Global Markets (loan management) Superday. I have been trying to find more info on the division and how interviews usually look like but couldn’t find much here or on the internet in general. Does anyone have any experience or any insights into the division/interviews.

The job is specifically Goldman Sachs Global Markets (loan management) in their Dallas office.


Let me know if you have any other question. Thank you!

5 comments 25 Sep 2020 - aspiring-gm-ca…

I recently had a superday at a BB and HR said to wait 2-3 weeks to hear back. However, other people I have spoken with that had superdays at similar firms were given their offers in a day or two after their superday. Is the 2-3 weeks comment from HR just a formality in case they waitlist you or will it really take that long to hopefully hear back with good news?


Thanks for any input!

2 comments 16 Sep 2020 - basednontarget

Hi Everyone,

Got an invite for DB Wealth Management. Wanted to know if anyone has any experience with DB WM superdays? What sort of questions do they ask? How do you bets prepare? Is it more technical or behavioural. They have informed me that it'll be 3 back to back 30 minute interviews.

Thanks for any and all help.
Threat Level Midnight.

1 comment 31 Jan 2020 - dragonboy

Hey guys, I am writing this post because I genuinely would like some feedback or advice. I am a student with non-business background and was very excited to interview with a BB bank. I was very prepared for the first and superday interviews. I got a superday the same day I had my first round so I guessed they liked me. But I got rejected after the Superday. I had 4 interviewers during the Superday and one of them said well done after our conversation.

15 comments 11 Dec 2019 - hiremeplz06

I received a superday for FT IB and I accepted a return offer from another bank in a different division. The superday bank sent me a form to fill out and it asks if I have a contract of employment which I think I technically do. I don't want this to backfire on me and then end up with 0 offers. So I want to be honest and fill out yes. However, ideally if I get a job offer from this bank I would take it in a heartbeat but I want to know if I'd be an automatic no if I tell the truth?

6 comments 09 Oct 2019 - mean5998

I recently had a superday. I spoke with the recruiter about when I should hear back and he said 1 to 2 weeks. On the other hand, I spoke to another candidate who was contacted after the superday to set up a phone call for next week.

I interpret this as me not getting an offer or getting on the waitlist at best. Could anyone chime in with their experiences to confirm my suspicions?

5 comments 05 Oct 2019 - hyperbole

Unfortunately I'm in a tough spot with recruiting right now. I've gone through 3 superdays over the past 2 weeks (all at MM firms). I haven't heard back from two (my top choices) and got declined from one. I've been hearing through the grapevine that all these firms gave people with existing offers from rival firms offers, while putting me on hold.

1 comment 24 Sep 2019 - nellz